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  • Real Moms and Their Sex Lives: How Often is Normal?

    We talked to real moms about their sex lives. Find out how they rated their sex lives and how frequently they do the deed.
  • Read on about real moms and their personal stories on sex.


    Real Moms Share Their Stories About Their Sex Lives

    “There are months na super-galing ang sex life,” confides Sonia, a call center agent.  “There are months na wala ako sa mood.  Usually pag super-toxic sa office.  I just want to sleep when I get home.”

    Oftentimes, these cycles are unpredictable and are connected with our life situations.  “I was less interested in sex when my kids were very young—my eldest was three years old at the time, and I had a newborn,” recalls Dindi, an interior designer.  “All my attention was on them, 24/7.  I actually felt bad that I had no time for myself and yet my husband would be competing with the kids for my attention.”

    For a time, Eliza was worried that her marriage was fizzling out because she had fallen into the stereotype of slaving away for her kids and having no energy for herself or her spouse.  However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get herself into the mood for making whoopie.


    The Cycles of a Mom’s Sex Life

    Things changed for her after her eldest son started school.  As she grew more experienced at childrearing, she became more confident in her abilities and less anxious about her kids. The result?  Her sex life improved.  “I guess one’s sex life goes through cycles, and when my husband and I realized that and didn’t put too much pressure on ourselves, we were able to relax and enjoy sex even more,” Eliza happily acknowledges.  


    Husbands also made similar observations, that there are times when the craving for physical pleasure ebbs or swings.  Men’s sexual appetites, however, are noticeably less affected by their environment and circumstances.

    Better Nutrition columnist and blogger, Dr. Emily Kane, states that, “There should be little doubt that the most erogenous zone in humans is the brain.  For women, in particular, this kicks in after the biological urge to fornicate has been hormonally and physiologically subdued.” 


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