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  • The Priceless Joys of Fatherhood

    Contributor and Dad, Kensai Yonzon, shares how being a dad was the best thing that ever happened to him.
    by Kensai Yonzon .
  • The Priceless Joys of Fatherhood

    Fatherhood has been the most remarkable experience of my life. I've come to view it as a privilege rather than merely a responsibility, a blessing rather than a burden. Seeing human life develop and grow firsthand is simply amazing. It comes with its own set of challenges, naturally, but however frustrating raising a child can sometimes be (and trust me, it will get frustrating at some points), it is outweighed by all the great and beautiful moments. And there will be many, many moments, not just limited to the stereotypical Kodak ones of first steps or words. It is in the little things, such as cradling them to sleep in your arms, or listening to them crack what they think is a joke. It's in seeing them smile, or hearing them laugh, or even having to comfort them when they hurt themselves.

    Fatherhood is an emotional investment. It has to be. At least, that's the only way I think it can be worth doing. I've too often heard of fathers who have lapsed into the role of mere provider, whose sole duty is to make sure there's food on the table and a roof over everyone's heads. It's certainly part of our bag, but is far from being the only role we have to play. While mentoring our children is part of the deal, ironically one of our finest roles as a father is that of an eternal student. I think I've learned more about myself and about humanity in my short time being a father than I have in all my life before then.



    What I Learned From my Daughters

    My daughters have taught me patience, responsibility (or a small measure thereof …), and made me realize my capacity to care for another human being. I don't think I've ever adored as much as I ever have before my daughters came into my life excepting my wife. Being a father is a study in irony because as much as you are in control of another person's life or well-being, you are equally in their thrall. It is also humbling because you realize that being a father means playing a supporting role to the mother.


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