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  • 'Dami Pala Arte Makeup Mo Lorin,' Annabelle Rama As Lorin's Makeup Voiceover Will Make You Miss Your Lola

    The feisty lola quipped, "Naglalagay ka pa ng para sa nose, eh ang tangos-tangos na ng nose mo."
    by Judy Santiago Aladin .
'Dami Pala Arte Makeup Mo Lorin,' Annabelle Rama As Lorin's Makeup Voiceover Will Make You Miss Your Lola
  • Lorin Gutierrez, the eldest daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez, loves sharing her makeup tutorial videos on TikTok.

    However, on Sunday, she uploaded a "highly requested makeup tutorial" narrated by none other than her grandmother, veteran actress and talent manager, Annabelle Rama.

    "She doesn't know how TikTok works so I had to guide her and her Netflix is playing in the background," the 19-year-old wrote in the caption.

    The video has now garnered over 2.8 million views.

    Lola Annabelle Rama graces apo Lorin's makeup video

    In the video, Lorin was guiding her 70-year-old Lola throughout the process, speaking in both Tagalog and English.

    "Lola, go," the playful apo said.

    "Lorin, what are you doing, Lorin?" the innocent Lola replied.

    "It's my makeup, just narrate it," she said.

    "Ah maganda ah, you know how to put makeup na, Lorin."

    "So anong ginagawa ko sa mukha ko?" she prompted.

    Stating the obvious, "Eh di, nilagyan mo ng foundation..."


    Lorin continued, "O tapos ngayon?"

    Lola gave an advice, "Kailangan siguro lagyan mo ng blush-on.. Yan blush-on..."

    "Hindi yan blush-on [laughs]"

    "Ano yan anak?"


    "And then maglagay ka ng eyeshadow... Yeah, eye makeup, eye shadow."

    "Ano nang ginagawa ko?"

    It's best to watch the video, but netizens loved the cute parts, especially when Annabelle's Bisaya accent was very strong.

    "And then para saan yan, pampalaki ng mata?" 

    Lorin: "Oo, pampawala ng eyebags."

    Lola Annabelle: "Ay naku, ang dami palang arte ng makeup mo Lorin!"

    @loringabriella highly requested makeup tutorial narrated by my lola hahahaha she doesnt know how tiktok works so i had to guide her and her netflix is playing in the background #fyp #grwm ? original sound - lorin

    Annabelle also couldn't differentiate between one makeup tool and another, so she had this to say when she mistook an eyeliner for mascara, "Mahirap, Lorin, ano ba yan Lorin? Iba nang makeup ng mga bata ngayon, ano ba ang dami-dami."

    Nevertheless, she always has kind words for her beautiful granddaughter. 

    "Ang galing-galing mo makeup, anak. Wow, ang galing-galing ni Lorin." 

    She added, "Naglalagay ka pa ng para sa nose, eh ang tangos-tangos na ng nose mo."

    watch now

    Finally, Lorin asked her satisfied Lola, "Rate it out of 10."

    It seems like she didn't expect her Lola's answer! "Nine."

    "Why nine?!" Lorin protested.

    And Annabelle gave out her signature evil laugh. Hahaha!

    Bretman Rock, netizens react to Lorin and Annabelle's video

    Lorin also asked her mom Ruffa to narrate her makeup video, and it has 1.6 million views as of writing.

    Netizens are requesting Lorin to make more content with her cute lola.

    "Halatang mabait Ang boses, super lambing lola," one user said. To which Lorin replied, "She's so sweet i love her sm [so much]."

    YouTube star and beauty vlogger Bretman Rock also reacted to Lorin's video, saying, "This is so cute haha."

    Another TikTok user said, "Hearing her call you anak healed something in me. This vid is so comforting."

    Although Annabelle is known in showbiz for being strong-willed and fierce, Lorin has this to say about her, "She's a strong fiery woman with the best heart."



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