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 4 Real Life Stories From Couples That Made Us Believe In True Love This 2019
PHOTO BY courtesy of Mia Estolano-Levert, Arvee Cruz, and George Bedia-Anas
  • Filipinos are suckers for romantic movies but nothing beats real-life stories that will make you feel kilig and weak in the knees. And here at SmartParenting.com.ph, we have an abundance of Pinoy couples who make us believe in forever.

    The best love stories of 2019

    Whether it’s a dad choosing to undergo a vasectomy, a couple who waited a lifetime to get together, a husband who professed he only needs one woman in his life, or the couple who survived a meddling mother-in-law, these couples’ stories prove real life is infinitely sweeter than fiction. By the end of this, you’ll be left wishing, “Sana all!”

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    “Tayong mga lalaki naman ang mag-sacrifice.”

    Eman and his wife Marifel.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Eman Cortez

    In November 2019, 29-year-old Emmanuel “Eman” Cortez made the ultimate sacrifice: he underwent vasectomy, a permanent form of male sterilization, so his wife Marifel would not have to get a tubal ligation.


    “Lumawak ‘yung utak ko, na wala naman mababawas sa’kin, bakit ako mag-wo-worry? Parang napaka-selfish na ipa-ligate ko ‘yung asawa ko then mahihirapan siya after, knowing na pwede naman magpa-vasectomy ng walang kahirap-hirap after,” the dad of three tells Smart Parenting. “Inisip ko na lang, mas importante ‘yung pamilya ko.”

    With his story, Eman earned the respect and admiration of moms and dads alike. He is proof that husbands are willing to give unconditional support to their partners because they see and understand the sacrifices that a mom makes for the family. “Sa hirap na dinadanas ng mga nanay, it’s time na kami naman,” he says.

    Read Eman and Marifel’s story here.

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    “My mom still hated him even if we were not together anymore.”


    Jay and Arvee Cruz were in a relationship for two years and three months before becoming husband and wife. They have been married now for 10 years and 2 months with two kids.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Arvee Cruz
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    They say getting together is the easiest part of any relationship. What will really test your love is the years spent with each other, not to mention, having to deal with your respective families.

    It’s why Jay and Arvee Cruz’s love story is particularly romantic: they felt an instant attraction but broke up a few months later because Arvee’s parents, specifically her mom, hated Jay so much. But because true love trumps all, the couple got back together and planned their wedding in secret so their families would not be able to meddle anymore.

    Now Arvee’s mom loves Jay like her own. They’ve also been married for ten years and have been blessed with two kids.

    “We wouldn’t have gotten back together if Jay was not willing to change for the better,” Arvee tells Smart Parenting. “When we broke up, he changed and improved himself and got the confidence he needed to fight for our relationship.”

    Read Jay and Arvee’s story here.

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    “Love is worth the wait.”


    Mike and Mia met a time when both have already accomplished the goals they have set for themselves.
    PHOTO BY Mike and Mia Levert


    Most single women feel the pressure to get married when they’ve reached their prime. When you’re in your 30s and have not settled down, you’ll surely get questions like, “kailan ka ikakasal?” It’s what happened to Mia Estolano-Levert, who got married when she was in her 40s to Mike, who is now in his 50s.

    The road to their forever was long with a lot of detours — Mia achieved her career plans and then joined a life-changing meditation and reiki healing program — but Mike and Mia’s paths eventually crossed.

    Mike knew from the first date that Mia was “the One,” while Mia admits she felt “secure and honest with him.” After enduring a long-distance relationship (Mike was in the United States while Mia had to go back to the Philippines), the two tied the knot and have never been happier.

    “I wouldn’t change a thing,” Mia tells Smart Parenting. “I like the way God let us meet at the perfect time, he refined and prepared us to have this beautiful union.”

    Read Mike and Mia’s story here.

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     “One woman is enough.”


    George with his wife, Chin.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of George Bedia-Anas


    Marriage and having kids changes a couple’s relationship in more ways than one and we often hear of stories of infidelity between partners. But for 29-year-old George Bedia-Anas, nothing is more important than staying faithful to your wife.

    “If there’s one very important realization I’ve had over the years, it’s this truth: one woman is more than enough,” he wrote in a Facebook post that went viral in February 2019.

    “I met my wife six years ago in 2012 when I was at my worst,” George shares. “Despite these unfortunate circumstances, my wife stayed with me and helped me pick myself up and try again. We were two struggling souls who met and figured out a way to succeed together as a team.”

    “We’ve been married for almost three years and I have never looked at another woman. Nobody can even sit in the passenger seat of my car except for my wife. Like the game of chess, there is only one queen.”

    Though George and his wife Chin have only been married for a few years, he tells Smart Parenting that the reason he wrote his post was that he needed to share something encouraging — “a positive perspective on relationships for young couples like us.” And because they have a daughter, he also wants to teach and show her what a loving marriage looks like while she is growing up.

    Read George and Chin’s story here.

    Do you have your own funny, inspiring, or touching love story that you want to share? Email us at smartparentingsubmissions@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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