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  • Can Dads Get Postpartum Depression Too?

    A research from the University of Michigan shows that over 1,700 dads of 1-year-olds had a “major depressive episode” since their babies were born.
  • dad babyA recent study published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that dads suffering from depression are actually more inclined to spank their infants and read stories to them.

    The question arises, thus, if dads are also susceptible to postpartum depression. That’s why pediatricians are pushing for a new type of screening for depressed fathers for postpartum depression.

    ‘Paternal depression,’ as experts call it, also requires attention and a response from pediatricians, according to ‘Sad Dads: A Challenge for Pediatrics.’ The challenge lies in establishing awareness about it and formulating a way to address the issue.

    Said Dr. R. Neal Davis, “Pediatric providers should consider screening fathers for depression, discussing specific parenting behaviors [e.g., reading to children and appropriate discipline], and referring for treatment if appropriate,”

    Postpartum depression involves symptoms such as “mood swings, exhaustion and anxiety.” Those living with parents suffering from postpartum depression are urged to help in household chores, giving the parent time for exercise, getting enough rest and seeking professional help.

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