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These Dads Gave Their Wives What Every Mom Secretly Wants

A day without household worries—pure bliss!

Raising kids is no easy feat. And doing that while taking care of your family, managing the household, and earning a living shows how truly hard-working and selfless moms can be.

That's why two husbands showed their love and appreciation for their wives in one amazingly sweet way: by taking on mommy duties while their wives spent a day for themselves.

'Hindi madaling maging mommy and wife'

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PHOTO BYCourtesy of Fortune and Kaye Ang ILLUSTRATIONnull

Businessman Fortune Ang knows how hard his wife Kaye works to take care of their son Alonzo. To show his appreciation, he surprised Kaye, who recently celebrated her 31st birthday, with a day at the salon.

"Go, you deserve a break for being a good mom and wife," Fortune recalls telling his wife when he revealed his surprise.

Kaye gushes: "I had my keratin treatment and hair color. And my gosh, seven hours ako!"

"He does that a lot [of times] for me, kasi minsan lang ako out of the house," she explains. "Also, whenever I go to the derma, he takes care of Alonzo. 'Pag may time pa pala, usually may allowance pang kasama!" Kaye laughs.

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PHOTO BYCourtesy of Fortune and Kaye Ang ILLUSTRATIONnull

While Kaye is away, Fortune takes on both daddy and mommy duties. And it has become quite the learning experience. "I realized na hindi madaling maging mommy and wife—at sana umuwi na si Kaye dahil hindi ko na kaya!" he says with a laugh.

But this daddy cherishes his bonding time with Alonzo. He points out that it allows them to create memories as father and son—memories he knows his unico hijo will remember his whole life.

'Have fun—you deserve it'

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PHOTO BYCourtesy of Dicky and Lia Buensuceso ILLUSTRATIONnull

Dicky Buensuceso has always been supportive of his wife Lia, especially during her breastfeeding journey. He knows how difficult it was for her to go out after giving birth to their daughter Millie.

Lia makes sure their now one-year-old baby has enough pumped milk before she leaves the house. She makes it a point to have all her breastfeeding essentials with her so she can pump wherever and whenever.

Dicky knew Lia deserved a break, which is why he gifted his wife something he knew she'd appreciate: a salon makeover voucher.

Lia explains that it was really a thoughtful gesture. "He knows I've never had a [hair] treatment since I got pregnant and suffered from postpartum hair loss," she says.

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PHOTO BYCourtesy of Dicky and Lia Buensuceso ILLUSTRATIONnull

Dicky says he told his wife then: "Go ahead. I'll take care of Millie. Have fun. You deserve it, Mommy."

He points out that wives take on so many responsibilities and duties at home—being a mom is just one part of it. "Your wife also has to deal with her work and your dirty clothes on the floor, and this takes a toll physically and emotionally.

"This little gesture will go a long way. Besides, your wife feeling good about herself will benefit you as well," Dicky says with a wink.

After Dicky's surprise, Lia says she cried happy tears. "I am one lucky wife," she notes.

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