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7 Dads Reveal How Their Wives Made Them Weak in the Knees
  • My husband is super affectionate. Every time he walks past me, even if we’re just at home, he’ll give me a kiss, or stroke my arm. He kisses me goodnight when we go to bed. Sometimes, I’m brushing my teeth, and he plants a kiss on the nape of my neck. Several times a day, he tells me he loves me or that I’m awesome. Then he picks up our son (that's my family below) and tells him, “Mommy’s awesome!”

    Once in a while, as I get ready for work or change into my sleeping clothes, he’ll say, “That’s sexy.” When I'm trying on new makeup, he’ll look at me and blurt out, “You’re so beautiful.” These moments just send tingles down my spine.

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    Here are seven dads who find their wives even hotter now despite with the messy bun and the baby vomit.   


    CJ Miñoza, 38, married to Sheryl for two years and a writer

    I'm pretty sure every husband feels this way as well, but here goes anyway. I never got to tell her this, but she was absolutely stunning during pregnancy. She had this glow about her the entire time, and she rocked my whole world! The scent of her skin, the radiance of her hair, the way she smiled — everything was so darn sexy! Even today, random things like brushing her hair over her ear or biting her lips — these things make me weak in the knees.

    Christian T. Bacus 39, married to Pamela for 10 years, dad to CJ, 6 years old and a part-time lawyer, full-time stormtrooper 

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    Aside from her physical attributes, I find her sense of humor the sexiest. Our bodies will grow old in time. But a good laughing session never grows old.

    I super love her body. I find her so visually satisfying! — Juan Paulo Valenciano, married to Samantha for four years, 33, dad to Nataleia, 1 year, and a creative director 

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    Beejay Bautista, 36, married to Din for three years, dad to Monica, 1 year 7 months, and a Big Data engineer/Java developer


    My wife is a full-time mother to our 19-month old daughter. Some people’s image of a housewife is one who wears floral "daster," has messy hair, and carries that overall ‘manang’ look. That's not my wife. She is as effortlessly lovely as she was during our ‘ligawan’ days. I just stare at her in amazement. And she’s a lot stronger than me because I don’t think I could do what she does daily. If that is not sexy, then I don’t know what is. And when I first saw her cradle our baby in her arms, that was it for me! 

    Boobs. My wife's boobs got bigger after having our daughter. I'm very happy with them! — Paolo Garces, 30, married to Maanne for two years, dad to Fionna, 11 months, and a software analyst 

    Vann Dela Cruz, 32, married to Raissa for almost a year, dad to Alon, less than a month old, and a lawyer


    I love the way she laughs, especially the way she laughs at my jokes. There’s just something innately innocent yet naughty about it. But recently, breastfeeding. Emphasis on the FEEDING!

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    Dr. Ron Rosero, 47, married to Hazel for six years, dad to Nixi, 18 months, and a dentist

    I guess you can consider me a sapiosexual. I find her intellect to be the sexiest. Her brilliance makes her very attractive. Her angelic singing voice and fantastic sense of humor didn't hurt either!

    Urim Hernandez, 35, married to Elaine for 6 years and an HR professional



    It's her constant reminder that I take my medications and that I don't stress myself too much. She really cares for my well-being, and I can’t thank her enough. I love her for it.

    Renzie Baluyut, 44, married to Odessa for five years, dad to Tywin Pablo, 3 months, and a software developer and digital marketing entrepreneur

    She satisfies my intellect as well as my loins! Seriously though what I find so sexy is her determination to succeed. She has a killer business instinct and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Women with smoking hot bods are a dime a dozen, but a woman with a sharp mind for business wins my heart any day. And it goes without saying: I love that she makes an effort for the family, and she always looks forward to spending time with our baby boy!

    Regina Layug Rosero is a trooper, a storyteller, and a costume builder. When she's not figuring out the weekly meal plan or how Korean skincare works, she's a wife to Oneal and a mom to five cats and baby Lucas.

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