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  • Dads, Treat Your Wife Well So Your Daughter Knows What It's Like To Be Loved

    Prove to your daughter that she should not settle for less than she deserves.
    by Kitty Elicay . Published Jul 19, 2020
Dads, Treat Your Wife Well So Your Daughter Knows What It's Like To Be Loved
  • Dads have a soft spot for their daughters — there is actually a scientific reason why it’s hard to say no to your little girl and perhaps it’s why the term #GirlDad was coined. But just as you nurture a positive relationship with your daughter, you should also not forget to show your child how much you love her mom. To put it simply, love your wife like you want your daughter to be loved.

     If the thought of your little girl growing up and having a boyfriend is already driving you crazy, it’s all the more reason to show her how she should be treated. Your relationship with your wife can shape your daughter’s attitude toward what she can expect from her future partner, so don’t be afraid to express your feelings and prove to your daughter that she should not settle for less than she deserves.

    One way to do that is to show affection toward your partner. Yes, a little PDA (public display of affection) is perfectly healthy.

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     By openly showing affection toward your wife — like holding hands, hugging each other, giving each other quick pecks on the cheek or mouth, saying “I love you,” and being nice — you’re teaching your kids what a healthy relationship looks like. This helps them feel more safe, secure, and loved.

    More importantly, it is an opportunity to teach your daughter early on about consent, touch, and more. By treating your wife well, it shows them how to love others in a healthy and respectful manner, and that they should expect to be loved in a similar way in return.

    Instead of learning about love from movies, TV shows, the Internet, or her friends, let your daughter learn real love from home — from you and your wife. How do you that? By respecting the mother of your kids, holding her hand, smiling at her, and looking into her eyes. Hold the door open for her, support her, praise her for her accomplishments. Make your wife happy when she is feeling down, encourage her, and go on dates with her. Tell her she is beautiful, and tell her often.

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    Kids are always looking at their parents. They model their behavior from what they see at home and in public. So you have to make sure that what they see at home are positive interactions so it can add up to an environment where they feel safe and secure. Remember: a happy couple creates a happier family.

    Just as it’s important to be a hands-on dad to your daughter, don’t forget to show the same love to her mother. It’s the best lesson you can teach your little girl.

    Daughters can benefit a lot from having hands-on dads. Click here for the positive effects a father's presence can bring.

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