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Real Dads Confess: How I Keep My Wife Happy (Para Walang Away)
  • Arguments and disagreements happen in any relationship. Experts even say it’s one of the secrets to a healthy marriage! This got us curious: what do couples really fight about and how can they prevent an argument from happening?

    On our Facebook page, we asked our male readers to complete this sentence: “Dear husband, your wife won’t start an argument with you if..." and the answers were...interesting to say the least. But we have to say thank you, husbands and dads, for answering! Here are our favorite responses:

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    In some ways, marriage is just like parenting. Wives are pacified if their husbands behave.

    Others acknowledged that arguments can be prevented if they just helped out at home.

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    Some were more practical.

    While other answers left us speechless.

    This husband speaks the truth! Even his wife agrees!

    Speaking of wives, they just couldn't help but hijack the thread:

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    They will not argue with you if you just LISTEN. Promise.

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    A dad was triggered by our post so of course we also had to turn the tables and ask the wives: 'Your husband won't start an argument if..."

    Some had practical answers.

    What other parents are reading

    While others were completely honest. 

    The verdict: Arguments won't happen if you're patient with your spouse. As Kris Aquino says, "Love love love!"

    What other parents are reading

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