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  • 8 Commercials That Sum Up What We Love About Our Dads

    To all the dads out there, have a beautiful Father's Day
  • Since it's Father's Day, we decided to round up our favorite commercials about fathers. They're not all necessarily for Father's day but they do all feature our personal superheroes, our dads.

    And as we did so, we noticed something. Apparently, both dads and commercials come in different varities and share few things in common.

    Some are quirky.

    Some are funny.

    Some are tender.

    Some are sweet.

    Some are surprising.

    But, you know what, dads are nothing like commercials.

    Because dads are irreplaceable.

    So we'd like to greet all the dads a Happy Father's Day.

    Thank you...

    Dad and daughter dancing


    For everything.


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