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  • Favoritism Among Children: Why it Happens and What Parents Can Do About It

    Does mommy or daddy play favorites? Our expert explains why preference among children happens and what parents can do about it.
    by Anna Santos-Villar .
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    Read more about favoritism and how to deal with it.

    Play No Favorites
    Parents should always strive to find the right balance when expressing love toward their children. Favoritism dents sibling relationships and distorts each child’s personality. What children need is to feel and receive the same amount of love and attention from parents and caregivers.

    Every child is a unique individual and every parent naturally forges different relationships with each one. Parents also have the immeasurable capacity to care for each child without partiality. Celebrate what you love about each of your kids—this is the best way to make sure that none of your children feels less loved than his or her sibling.

    Photography by Christian Halili

    •    Dr. Violeta Bautista, Ph.D., psychologist and family therapist, Care and Counsel Wellness Center
    •    Motivating Your Child, by Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer
    •    Website: todaysparent.com

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