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  • K-Drama Serves Dose Of Reality For Expecting Couples: 'Do You Think Childbirth Is Easy?'

    It’s a great wake-up call for couples or co-parents who’ve been disagreeing a lot lately, to
    by Ginyn Noble .
K-Drama Serves Dose Of Reality For Expecting Couples: 'Do You Think Childbirth Is Easy?'
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  • By now, you may have seen those viral screenshots from the heartwarming Netflix series, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, which is on its final stretch this weekend. As it comes to a close, the show continuously proves that it’s more than the kilig — it’s filled with life lessons that really hits home with different kinds of parents. This includes expecting moms and dads.

    What parents can learn from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

    PHOTO BY Instagram/ju.yeon.k

    In one of its recent episodes, a hugot-filled scene struck a chord with avid viewers, including moms in our Smart Parenting Village. In that scene, heavily pregnant mom Yoon Gyeong, couldn't help but lash out at her husband, Geum Cheol.

    She was about to go to the bathroom and found that her shoelaces were untied so she asked Geum Cheol to tie it for her. As he had just finished carrying boxes of fruits inside their store, he told her to do it herself as he wanted to grab a drink first.

    What her husband said made Yoon Gyeong pause and she started to tear up. Of course, Geum Cheol chalked it up to her hormones — he wished she would give birth soon, so she can, in his words, “be comfortable” already.

    That’s when the mom snaps and says that things won't be comfortable even after she delivers their baby. “Do you think childbirth is easy? My body gets ripped in the process! It feels like all the bones in my body are broken then mended again!” Yoon Gyeong says.

    “Imagine breastfeeding late at night in that state. Breastfeeding, putting it to bed, changing its diaper... is raising a baby a joke to you?

    “And I'm being greedy? Do you think I work this hard just for myself? I also don't want to work. I'm exhausted because our baby is weighing me down. I want to rest!

    “I'm the only one lonely and scared. You have no idea how much I struggle. My hands and feet are swollen, my back hurts, and I can't bend forward... Do you know how that feels?” Yoon Gyeong adds.

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    Some might see these feelings as mababaw, but it's a sad reality for many moms. Unless you become one yourself, it's not easy to realize that carrying a child, caring for the baby, and dealing with your partner can be overwhelming.

    Below are some of the things you come to realize when you watch this couple's story:

    Becoming a parent changes you, but don't forget to be a partner

    Have a child is no joke and along with this major life change is the need for moms and dads to adapt. You fall into a routine, and when this gets disturbed, it throws you off and annoys you sometimes.

    Be more mindful and not just go through the motions. Otherwise, you might not know you’re neglecting your partner already. No matter how busy life gets, stop when your partner needs you to pause.

    A baby on the way motivates you, but don't push past your limit


    I think a lot of moms (myself included) develop that sense of needing to step up at work when a baby’s on the way. We just want to earn while we still can because we know we can’t do much once we give birth.

    It might seem confusing for our partners who, more often than not, are ready to make up for any earnings we’re losing. But what they need to know is that we just hate being a burden, especially when we know we still have enough energy to contribute to the household.

    But mommas, don't tire yourself out! Balance hustling and rest — brace yourself for labor pains, sleepless nights, and every energy-draining thing that will initiate you to parenthood.

    Parenting is a fulfilling journey, especially when you have a partner you can depend on

    Labor and childbirth will test your physical and mental strength. But so will your so-called fourth trimester. And those periods after when the baby starts biting your nipples, running, climbing, talking nonstop, throwing tantrums… If you survive unscathed, you’ll be a millionaire if you sell your secrets.


    I have the biggest respect for single parents because to be honest, I don’t think I’ll survive with my sanity intact without my husband. From when I was pregnant and until now that our son is almost two years old, he takes care of me and always puts my comfort first.

    I feel guilty that usually, I’m too exhausted by work that he needs to do all the housework and take care of the baby even if he has a bad back. But I believe we’re so good together because we always look for ways to make life easier or happier for the other.

    We know we’re not perfect — no one is — but that doesn’t mean we aren’t perfect for each other and for our son… and any other baby we might have someday.

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