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  • It’s the everyday little things that make a marriage work; not so much the grand swooping gestures or the big ceremonies. Anyone who has tried to keep a long-term relationship going knows this.

    Married for 2 and a half years, Elbert Or, 32, and Lorra Elena Angbue-Te, 30, know this too. They know it so well that they made a comic series about the everyday happenings of their married life. They've called it Homeycomb: A Married Life. Homeycomb is spelled with an “M, not an N!” Elbert and Lorra told Smart Parenting just in case we were reading it wrong.

    Characteristically having “the right balance of sentiment and silliness” is how the couple would describe their comic, which they say is a reflection of the tone of their daily lives. It’s lighthearted and fun with a dash of sweet.

    The Homeycomb episodes are mostly based off of Elbert’s and Lorra’s everyday real life experiences from their home in Taguig, Metro Manila. (The two main characters are named “Elbee” and “Lorrabee” afterall.) There’s one episode where Elbee gets sick and accidentally infects Lorrabee by giving her “kissies”; or another where Elbee goes to silly (and ineffective) lengths to remember his mother-in-law’s birthday; and a string of episodes about new neighbors.

    Being both from creative backgrounds, adapting their married life into a comic wasn’t difficult. Elbert and Lorra are both co-founders of Pushpin Visual Solutions, they make hand drawn graphics for company’s to use in presentations, visual materials or anything else clients might need.

    The couple has been together since 2008, and they met in 2005 in a company Elbee helped start and Lorra interned in. And from there things inevitably happened until their marriage in May of 2013.

    “Lorra suggested making comics out of our experiences as a way to not just continue collaborating with each other on a regular basis, but also as a bonding and relationship-building activity for the both of us,” said Elbert.

    Together, they turn moments of their lives into unique memento comic strips. “We co-write the stories,” they said. Elbert draws the story, the characters bubbly and chubby, and Lorra brings it to life with pastel colors and background details.  

    Now in its second volume, Homeycomb is focusing on one aspect of their married life, however. It was revealed at the start of the second volume that, after much waiting, finally after all this time, they’re having a baby! The second volume then is going to be filled with their pregnancy stories. “[We’re] super excited, but also quite nervous for the baby!,” they said. “It's actually pretty much the only thing the strip is about now!”

    Here are a few strips about it:

    “[Homeycomb] has given us so much, in terms of bringing us closer together, and we hope that the amount of time and effort we put in it shows in the strip and makes an impact on readers as well,” said Elbert and Lorra.

    “We also hope to reach more readers who can find comfort and gosh, maybe even insight! from the stories we tell.”

    Here's Elbee and Lorrabee as real life human beings. Keep Homeycomb buzzing by checking it out on Tapastic or following it on Facebook.

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