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    2)    Stand strong as a couple.
    As with everything, you and your partner have to have each other’s back at all times. It is hard enough to have to live with the criticisms and opinions of the in-laws but knowing that your partner is not supportive and is overly critical of you as well is just too much to handle. You also have to make sure that you and your partner show that you are united in your decisions and actions for your family no matter how the in-laws feel.

    3)    In one ear, out the other…to a certain extent.
    You know that saying about sticks and stones? Well, use this as your mantra when things get tough. So long as you and your partner truly believe that you are doing what is right and what is best for your family, try not to let the words from the in-laws get to you. Just make sure though that you remember that they really do have your best interests in mind so you may want to hear what they have to say. The final decision though is for you and your partner to make.  

    Show the in-laws that you understand they just want what is best for you and your family, but let them know politely, or through your actions, that you and your partner are in charge of the decision-making in your family, no matter what their opinion is.


    4)    Speak up when there is a need.
    Being belligerent or angry will not help any when it comes to overly opinionated in-laws. Take the high road and do your best to convey your views and feelings in a positive way. They may take offense a little bit or have something to say, but then again, they already do, right? What is important is that they know how you feel and where you stand.

    It may not be an odd situation as well for in-laws to share their opinions not only with you but with their friends or other acquaintances. Even worse, some in-laws voice out their disappointments and criticisms to the children! In cases like this, it is best for you and your partner to seriously talk to them and nip this behavior in the bud. Try to share with them that whether they mean to or not, they could be creating negative opinions of you to other people. They could also be undermining your authority to your children and creating more harm than good. Try to be very polite but let them know you are unhappy, you will not stand for it and request them to stop.



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