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  • Identify Your Love Language: How to Express Love for Hubby

    How do you show your love for your partner? Read on to find out why it's important to identify your love language.
    by Tata Mapa and Julian Vorpal .
  • “Women often have a notion of marriage that’s right out of a Disney movie,” says Santos. “When a woman thinks of love, she dreams of romantic dates and flowers. When a man expresses love, he does it by fixing a leaky faucet. People express themselves with different love languages. We usually give love in the same way we want to receive it.”
    Don’t let love get lost in translation. Identify your love language . Do you express yourself through gifts, quality time, acts of service, words, or touch? How does your husband show his love? If you have different love languages, recognize the other’s efforts. The next step: Spell things out for your spouse. If you want a gold bracelet for your birthday, give him obvious hints like pointing one out to him at the mall. Once you recognize each other’s communication styles, you and your husband can appreciate the little things you do for one another. You can adjust his tie every morning, and make sure his coffee is just the way he likes it; he can set aside every Sunday morning for some quality cuddling time with you.

    Aileen Santos, psychologist and life coach, LightbulbOnYourHead.com

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