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  • In Touch Parenting for Dads: “Boy’s Day Out!”

    Dad and contributor Robert Bernal Del Rosario shares the joys and rewards that dads spending some quality bonding time with their son provides.
    by Rob Del Rosario .
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    Just Us Boys

    Nowadays, with everyone pushing hard, striving earnestly for a better future for our children, we fathers need solo time with our kids more than ever. (Also, it’s a good thing for mommies to take a break!) This activity allows for much greater bonding, and lets the father take on the role of nurturer and protector at the same time, giving him and his child more of everything from each other. Regular adventures have given me much needed insight on my son. I’m proud to say I know him very well, the little things he does, and the meanings to most every look or gesture. It also works in reverse, as I know my son is familiar and very comfortable with me as well. I know this is not a common practice because frequently, I get asked by strangers where his Mommy is, to which I proudly reply “At home, resting”, and to their amazement exclaim “It’s just you two?”, and with a little knowing grin I turn to Brayden, his hand in mine and look back and say, “Yeah, it’s just us”, as it will be for many more “Boy’s Day Outs” to come.

    In photo: The author with his son, Brayden

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