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  • 'Filed Under Things I Did For Love,' Karylle Buys Yael Yuzon Tickets To See His 'Lodi' Kim Seon Ho

    We totally agree that the best gifts we could give our family are experiences, not things.
    by Judy Santiago Aladin . Published Jan 24, 2023
'Filed Under Things I Did For Love,' Karylle Buys Yael Yuzon Tickets To See His 'Lodi' Kim Seon Ho
  • If you've seen the hit Korean drama series Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, then actor Kim Seon Ho might have made your day at least once.

    We love binge-watching these heartwarming series during our precious and limited me-time. That's why I was surprised to know that among the members of #TeamGoodBoy is Sponge Cola frontman Yael Yuzon

    A day after the fan meet, Yael shared on Instagram a thank you post for his wife Karylle for enabling him to watch his 'Lodi' Seon-ho at the SM Mall of Asia Arena last January 22.

    He wrote, "#TeamGoodBoy #KimSeonHoinMNL2023 Thanks sa Gift @anakarylle and thanks sa good vibes lodi @seonho__kim."

    Karylle responded in his post, "I will file this under THINGS I DID FOR LOVE. [Bought] my husband a ticket for his first face-to-face fan meet na last minute, so medyo nagpanic ako kasi nung una in denial pa siya na he desperately wants to go! & of course entering a raffle para makalapit siya kay Seon Ho."

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    And Karylle's determination paid off. Her husband was a very happy fanboy and was able to greet his Lodi.


    Turns out, Yael is a big Seonhohada (a term used for members of the official Seon Ho fandom). He even wrote a song inspired by one of Seon-ho's series entitled "Hometown." He used it as the audio for the Instagram reel he shared about Seon Ho's visit.


    On Twitter, Yael seems to be connecting with other Seonhohadas and still raving about the fan meet. Indeed, the best supportive wife award goes to Karylle.


    Kim Seon Ho was in Manila to promote his upcoming movie, Tyrant


    watch now

    Karylle and Yael got married in 2014. 

    Give your husband experiences, not things

    We agree with Karylle that the best gifts that we can give our partners are experiences and not only material things.

    For one, my husband has been enjoying the NBA Premium Access that I bought for him (last minute too) on his birthday two years ago. Yesterday, he was watching one of the games and told me, "Two years mo na ako nireregaluhan ng NBA." He enjoys being able to watch his favorite team live. I know in my heart he already forgot the times I gave him expensive workout equipment or basketball shoes.

    It gives us a certain kilig and happiness when our partners are happy with our gifts, whether it's last minute or not. What's important is that we make an effort to be aware of what they love and what they fanboy about.

    When you have openness and communication in your marriage, it's not going to be hard to think of what gifts to give, echoing Drew Arellano and Iya Villania


    In the end, the cliche "Happy wife/husband, happy life" holds a lot of truth. Parents or not, we should always remember that we are a partner first.

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    This love month, may we choose to give our partners experiences, not things. Like Yael, they will cherish these happy moments forever because believe it or not, as the spouse, you hold the privilege of knowing your partner to the core. You know them better than anyone else.

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    Let us know what you are planning to get them, and together, let's file it under "Things We Did For Love."

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