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Kendra Kramer's Essay About Her Grandma Is The Most Heartwarming Thing You Will Hear Today
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  • Lolos and lolas are notorious for showering their grandkids with overpouring love. As a parent, you've probably called out your moms and dads at least once for "spoiling" your kids. But more than their tendency to give in to every whims of their apos, grandparents are also your kids' number one source of wisdom.

    This is what #TeamKramer's panganay, Kendra Kramer, proved in her heartfelt essay dedicated to her grandma Nellie Kramer

    In a Facebook post, Doug Kramer shared a video of Kendra reading a lengthy essay about 'Amma' Nellie, which she wrote as a school requirement. It followed the inspirational life story of her lola, from being the second eldest among eight siblings, to being a mom to Doug and his siblings.

    Life lessons Kendra learned from her grandma

    In her piece, Kendra highlighted how much she looks up to her 'Amma' Nellie, especially when it comes to being a trusty older sister.

    "As the Ate of the house, she usually was the one doing most of the chores and responsibilities, such as needing to freshen up and feed the younger ones, and to clean their mess as well," Kendra wrote about her grandma.

    Lola Nellie with her siblings.
    PHOTO BY screengrab facebok/team kramer

    This resonates well with Kendra as an older sister herself to Scarlett and Gavin.

    She also wrote about how loving her grandma is to her own family. "She had to sacrifice a lot. She explained that though she enjoyed raising their children. Budgeting was tough because it was divided between all kids and her."

    Kendra adds that her Amma would always put her kids' interests first before her own. "Children's needs and wants would always go first, even if it meant there was less for her."

    "Sacrifice and love have been her strength all throughout her life. Her love language is service, so seeing everyone satisfied, healthy and happy is all she needed to see to keep her going."

    "The most important lesson she has learned is to always give her heart into taking care of her family, without expecting anything in return."

    Kendra also got an advanced lesson on married life from her grandma. She wrote, "Marriage, she says, has a lot of compromise and acceptance in order to make it work."

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    PHOTO BY screengrab facebook/team kramer

    But above all, Kendra says the best life lesson she picked up from getting to know her grandma's life was to keep her heart filled with gratitude.

    "She has taught me that the best things in life cannot be bought. That love is seen and experienced through the imperfect people that surround you in your life.

    "That right choices, contentment, and sacrifice are keys to making a family work. And that relying on God's strength is needed because we are all weak and need God's daily grace."

    Lola Nellie could not help but turn emotional hearing her apo express so much admiration to her. Many netizens were also touched by hearing Kendra's heartfelt essay.

    "It made me cry, honestly. How grateful her Amma to have a sweet and loving grandchild as Kendra the strong bond and God-centered relationship between them is truly an amazing one," one comment read.


    Another also praised Doug and Chesca Kramer for raising their kids with much love for their grandparents.

    "Kudus to your Mom and Dad for instilling the love and care for family and, above all, putting God first as the center of your lives," said a netizen.

    Watch the heartwarming video below:

    Importance of letting kids spend time with their grandparents

    Lolos and lolas are the parents' go-to babysitters. But did you know that their participation is actually beneficial to your kids' development?

    Here are some ways your children benefit from spending time with their grandparents.

    1. Grandparents are a great source of wisdom

    We've heard our lolas and lolos start their stories with 'noon panahon namin...' And this is actually a good way to help kids understand the world in a more complex way.

    As Boston College sociology professor Sarah Moorman pointed it out in a Boston Globe article, "Grandparents have a wealth of experience — they'll often tell stories about their lives and how things worked when they were young, and kids become adults, they're able to maximize those lessons."


    2. Grandparents give grandkids a sense of security

    A social psychologist likened grandparents to a "security blanket." It is because lolos and lolas are always more than willing to give hugs and sit down to read or play with their apos, explained Sarah Newman.

    Newman also suggests that grandparents are more patient with their grandkids compared to the time they were your parents.

    3. Bonding with grandparents promotes good mental health

    As it turns out, lolos and lolas also benefit from those precious moments with their beloved apo.

    A 2016 study by researchers from Boston University linked fewer symptoms of depression for both grandparents and grandchild who develop emotional closeness.

    Here's a big hug to all the lolos and lolas out there for being one of the reasons why we have fond memories from our childhood!

    Read more benefits of bonding time with grandparents here.

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