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  • Watch: Kids Talking About Their Moms Will Make Your Heart Smile

    "Even when I'm being bad, she always sees the good in me." Get the tissues ready.
    Published Apr 19, 2016

  • Video from Chatbooks/Youtube

    When it comes to being a parent, the big things matter, but the little things count just as much, as this video called "Why Do Moms Matter?" by Chatbooks, a photo book creation app, clearly shows. 

    When kids, ranging from toddler to teen, were asked to talk about their moms it was mostly the everyday things that they chose to share. 

    "She gives me Band-Aids when I get hurt," "She makes me best parties ever," and "When I do something impressive she freaks out so hard!" are just a few of the answers from the little kids.

    Mom's outstanding qualities weren't lost to them either.

    "Even when I'm being bad, she always sees the good in me" and "She never gets impatient with me unless I do something really really bad but that barely happens" will make any mom shed a few happy tears. 

    One boy wraps it up pretty nicely: "She’s just different and special from all the other moms because she’s my mom."

    Sniff, sniff. 

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