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  • Lotlot De Leon On Finding Her Biological Dad: 'Life Is Truly Filled With Second Chances'

    The actress's American father flies to the Philippines to visit her.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
Lotlot De Leon On Finding Her Biological Dad: 'Life Is Truly Filled With Second Chances'
PHOTO BY Instagram/ms.lotlotdeleon
  • Since finding her biological father in 2009, Lotlot de Leon, who grew up with her adoptive parents Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon, have remained in touch with Donald Lee Olson, a former American serviceman stationed in the Philippines.

    Lotlot recently shared photos of Donald's latest visit, where he got to indulge in what looks like his passion: fishing. "My 83 year old pops," she captioned her Instagram post. "The minute he puts down the line, he catches the fish!"

    She then added, "Life is truly filled with second chances," with hashtags #grateful   #mystory  and a postscript: "Missing my sisters," tagging three people. Apparently, she's also in touch and in good terms with her paternal family.

    Lotlot gave more context to her reunion with her father in a succeeding post by opening up on her adoption story: "As far back as I can remember, I already knew I was adopted, not because of my parents but because of people around my Mama Guy and Daddy Boyet." She's referring to her adoptive parents, who have since gone their separate ways.

    Lotlot went on sharing how she felt being adopted: "Didn’t knew what it meant before until my mom sat with me one day and explained. She said the difference between me and Ian was that my brother came from her stomach, I was a gift from above. (Mom pointing at mama Mary the statue.)

    "Cried for hours after that. Not because I didn’t know who my real parents were but because I wanted to be like Ian too, na galing din sa stomach nya because I love my mom so much gusto ko totoong anak din nila ako ni dad."


    Lotlot continued her story: "Through the years I never felt hate for my biological parents. Just curiosity. Sino sila? What’s their story?   And tbh I prayed to meet them one day. Gusto ko din sila makilala..

    Fast forward to many years...Out of luck or destiny I was at the municipal hall of Olongapo and someone passing by said, 'Lot, nung baby ka, sa amin ka nakatira.' Since sa Olongapo nga ako pinanganak. Sabe ko suntok sa buwan I’ll ask kung may alam sila sa totoong tatay ko.

    "I was able to speak to someone who accommodated me and since alam ko na name ng father ko I gave the details of the information I had. Few days after that I was sent his full name, the name of his wife and daughter.. my ate!"

    Lotlot really sought her father out: "Searched online. Got an e-mail address. In my head that time, try lang naman..kung hindi nya ako sagutin..okay lang. Hindi ko na nilagay sa isip ko that he would."

    This is what she roughly wrote to her letter to: “Hi Mr. Olson, my name is Lot de Leon, my biological mom's name is Eva Rodriguez.. Are you my father?"

    Lo and behold Mr. Olson replied, telling Lotlot, "Yes, I know who you are. I’ve always known about you. I carried you in my arms when you were born.”

    Lotlot, who's now mom to four grown-up kids (Janine, Jessica, Diego, Maxine) couldn't forget how she reacted upon reading her father's reply: "My jaw dropped & the rest is history."

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    She then pointed out, "Each of us have a story. Marami din tayong plano sa buhay. Pero ang plano pa din ni Papa God ang mangingibabaw. So here I am standing side by side with my Papa and I’m grateful in many ways.

    "Forgiveness, humility and prayers goes a long way. If not for the decisions they made.. the time they made it. I wouldn’t have the people I love most in my life too now. Looking at the glass half full with gratitude. Always."

    Read here the new and simplified adoption law in the Philippines.

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