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  • Maggie Wilson On Self Love And Healing: 'I'm Tougher Than Ever'

    She says she's choosing to heal even when "other people are still trying to hurt me and make my life difficult."
    by Angela Baylon .
Maggie Wilson On Self Love And Healing: 'I'm Tougher Than Ever'
PHOTO BY instagram/wilsonmaggie
  • A quick glance at Maggie Wilson's social media feed will make one think that she's living the dream life. But just recently, the celebrity mom came forward to open up about what she described as "emotional distress" she experienced these past three years.

    "In 2019, I went through one of the hardest challenges in my life emotionally. 2020 wasn't any better. I thought things were getting better then I got hit again with more emotional distress. Then lockdown happened, and that wasn't easy for any of us." Maggie shared in her recent Instagram post.

    The mom of one admitted that she has only been wearing a mask online, "trying to keep things happy and light." But she recounted how this distress became a reason for her weight to fluctuate, "my skin suffered, I couldn't sleep, I was so broken.. I still am, but I'm putting back the pieces together slowly."

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    Choosing To Heal

    Maggie did not go into the specific details about the circumstances that negatively affected her mental health. She, however said that she now has "serious trust issues because of what's happened in the past that it gives me so much anxiety and stress."

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    She also talked about how she keeps on taking a step at a time towards healing even if it "doesn't help that other people are also adding more grief, still trying to hurt me and make my life difficult." Despite this, Maggie says she's "trying my best to handle it."


    It was last September 2021 when the actress-beauty queen shared that she and Victor Consunji had gone their separate ways after a decade of marriage. They have a son, Connor.

    Earlier this year, Maggie has also alluded to having conflicts with her ex-husband. (Read Pep. PH's related story here)

    Coping From Negative Emotions

    Maggie lends a voice to every mom or just everyone who is also going through a difficult time in their life right now and trying their best to show up and put on a brave face for the people around them.

    We also picked up a few lessons from her experience that some who are also on their journey towards healing can find helpful.

    1. Don't brush negative feelings away. Confront them.

    We are often taught about the value of resiliency, but sometimes it doesn't help to just march on and try to set aside our troubles.

    Maggie will be the first to say that healing starts when you also begin to acknowledge your pain.

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    She notes, "We just need to recognise our mistakes, our flaws, acknowledge them, get help when we need it because no one else can help you if you don't help yourself first."

    2. Seek help

    "I sought help and did online therapy to help me deal with what I was going through." Maggie adds, "There's absolutely no shame in seeking help."

    Never be afraid to confide to the people closest to you and you trust most. Seek the advice of experts and doctors. It wouls also help t find a support group that will make you feel that you're not alone in your struggles. 

    3. Accept that the journey can be bumpy

    The road towards working on having happy and healthy mental health is not a straight nor a leveled path. Bumps can occur, and steep learning curves are to be expected. But what matters, as the old adage goes, is to "continue to trust the process." And despite setbacks, never forget to practice self-love.


    Maggie tells her followers, "I'm tougher than ever but sometimes I do have my down days, and that's ok."

    "At the end of the day, we're all human and no one is perfect. So love yourself a little more, give yourself a pat on the back, and continue working on you. I am/We are a work in progress."

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