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  • Making Long-Distance Relationship Work in The Sweetest Way Possible

    A woman did the most heart-melting gesture to keep the love alive amidst the distance that separates her and her love.
Making Long-Distance Relationship Work in The Sweetest Way Possible
  • Long distance relationships are hard, very hard. It takes maybe double the patience, trust, honesty, and courage to stay in one, and get through that phase, if it is just a phase.

    But with the technology we have today, it has tremendously helped couples in long distance relationships to stay in touch. There's Skype, Face Time, and online real-time messaging apps like Viber and Line that enables them to feel together, notwithstanding the distance. Some couples also send gifts and old school letters.

    Still, this couple's way of making long-distance relationship work is firing up the Internet, giving unions separated by miles hope.

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    Graphic designer Mikki Miller and photographer Tyson Noel, while not married, are giving couples the perfect example on how to make long-distance relationships work. The two have been together since May 2015--he's in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada, while she's in Minnesota, United States. The met via Deviantart.com, a web site where creatives can display their works. They decided to meet in 2014 and have tried to be together physically as often as possible.

    When Mikki visited Tyler in Canada over the holidays, he didn't know that she has a sweet trick up her sleeve. She brought with her a suitcase full of letters and goodies and tucked it underneath Tyler's bedside table. Three days after she'd gone back home to the States, Mikki sent him a message.

    "You know how I wish I could be there for days like today? Like when you come home tired from work and I want to giveyou a hug? Or like when you're feeling lonely and I can't actually be there?" Mikki wrote. Then, she instructed Tyler to look under his bedside table.

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    What Tyler found was personalized, handwritten notes on envelopes containing specific instructions on when open them. For example, there's an envelope for him to open when he's sick, when he's in the mood for something yummy, when he's having a bad day, and when he's needing a big smooch. She even has a package for Tyler to open when he's "being a sad panda" and in the mood for "some cheesy cuteness" or "something kinda dirty". Look at those heartmelting envelopes and packages.

    Long Distance Relationship package

    Long Distance Relationship package

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    Long Distance Relationship package

    Long Distance Relationship package

    Long Distance Relationship package


    "This was by far my favourite gift this year. Thank you @mishellymonster, you're the greatest. Love you!” he said in his Imgur post.

    All together now, “Awwww.”

    Tyler’s post has since earned more than 14,000 points. Speaking to ABC News, he shared his initial reaction: “I was overwhelmed when I found the suitcase. It really was a unique and extremely thoughtful way for her to show her love for me," Tyler told ABC News. "These days it's hard to find acts of romance and surprise like this in relationships. I look forward to the life we build together," he said in an interview with Huffington Post.

    Several people who commented on Tyler’s post told him to never let her go and to marry her. Hopefully that does happen in the future. We’ll be looking forward to that.



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