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  • Moms Would Love to Be Appreciated the Way This Dad Showed His Wife

    This dad shows recognizes the backbreaking work his wife does in a post filled with tongue-in-cheek humor.
    by Rachel Perez .
Moms Would Love to Be Appreciated the Way This Dad Showed His Wife
  • Motherhood is a 24/7 job. And, yet, some people dare to ask a mom who chooses to stay home to care for the kids and manage the home what they do all day. It's a condescending query or an ultimate dismissal. So it's always nice to read something that is the complete opposite.

    Wives, moms, and women will love the appreciation post by Brad Kearns, a dad of three from Australia, who made it clear that his wife Sarah's daily to-do list is backbreaking work.

    His post begins how he's about to have a "massive day at work" with a senior leadership meeting and an almost five-hour roundtrip journey by car and train. He also needs to do "big work conversations" and "it's exhausting."

    Then he writes with ironic humor, "And what’s my wife doing? Not much really." 

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    The dad of three then went on to describe his wife's Sarah's day with an apparent tongue-in-cheek tone. She'd get their two boys dressed and fed while nursing their youngest. They would go to the park, which involved getting their bags ready, packing snacks and change of clothes.


    "Then, while they’re [at the park], she’ll have to feed the baby again because that’s what he does," Kearns said. "Without letting go of him, she’ll have to interact with and help the others on and off swings and stimulate them enough not to get bored. It's easy really," Brad added.

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    After the trip to the park, Sarah would make lunch, which the kids would probably ignore and not eat. His wife would try to get some rest while online-shopping for groceries. Then, the kids would want to ride their bikes, and Sarah would supervise while then feeding the baby on demand. When the kids are tired and cranky, "she’ll fight with them about stupid little things like 'don’t hit your brother,' Brad shared.

    At around 5 p.m., she'll want to know where Brad is and what time he'll be home, and he'll be "call you later" because he's busy as well. His wife may already be preparing the kids dinner by then, while still holding the baby and breastfeeding him. She'll be "tired, smelly frustrated and sick of being touched. She’ll be irritable, yucky and want nothing more than a shower, a shampoo and a hot cup of tea," he wrote.


    When Brad arrives at 7 p.m., she's "just chilling on her phone near a toddler or babies cot because they are struggling to go to sleep." He'll probably fix the groceries and make dinner for himself and his wife.

    Brad ended his post with a "thank you for everything" his wife does. "You’re the glue," he said of Sarah.

    Aww. It's just what every wife and mom needs to hear.

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    Among the many comments on Brad's post, there were more than a few people who praised the couple as a team and showed why reading Brad's post was even more critical for both husband and wives:

    Parenting is not a competition. You are on the same team. When both partners choose kindness and empathy, it's not only the marriage that wins but the children as well. 

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