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Mom Reacts To Trending Matteo-Alex Video Clip: 'Workplace Loveteams And Teasing Will Never Be Okay'

After the full clip has been shown and clarifying statements were shared, the point made still stands true for married couples.

In case you haven't seen it, a video clip showing Matteo Guidicelli calling out Alex Gonzaga for bringing up their past flames in her punchlines went viral.

Netizens started bashing Alex, and supported Matteo's move, when in fact, as Matteo said and as the whole clip revealed, it was just a prank.

The prank

In the clip which was posted in Twitter on August 11, showed Matteo confronting Alex right before they closed the show Tropang LOL. 

He said, "Napanaginipan ko 'to kagabi, sabi ko sa sarili ko at nag-pray ako, 'Lex, tigilan na natin ang pagbiro natin sa mga asawa natin dahil... mga ex na 'yan, e, tapos na 'yan. Maawa naman tayo kay Konsehal at sa asawa ko dahil kagabi umiyak na ako dahil sa 'yo..."

He added, "So, Tropang LOL, irespeto natin mga asawa natin at mag-usap na lang tayo tungkol sa..." The original video was cut until here. 

Matteo has been vocal about how much he loves and respects his wife, Sarah Geronimo. Alex, meanwhile, is married to Mikee Morada, a councilor in Lipa City, Batangas.

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Out of context

In a report by PEP.ph, Matteo clarified that the video clip was taken out of context.

In his statement in News5, "There’s a lot of people that say negative things about her [Alex Gonzaga]. I just want to clear the air and everything."

"Tropang LOL is an entertainment show and clips were coming out, naputol siya, without the punchline in the end e… na, ‘Let’s just joke around your toenails, Alex."

Their co-host, KC Montero, also said his piece on Facebook, "Alex Gonzaga is being bashed so hard online now for a video that’s going around. An edited video not showing what really happened. But here’s the real video that shows that the “serious” talk was just a set up to a prank. Many people calling for a public apology when really they should be saying sorry to her now."

watch now

Another clip surfaced where Matteo also teased Alex about Kean Cipriano.

Alex, meanwhile posted a tweet on August 10, saying "Some people won’t like you but that’s okay as long as you still like yourself and the person you can be."

The real issue

While it has been clarified that it was just a prank, it opened the conversation on why it is inappropriate to tease married couples in the workplace.

Ella Libaton, a mom of two, shared her thoughts on her Facebook page, Mom In Tech, saying that workplace love teams and teasing should never be okay. Her post already has 31,000 shares.

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The Smart Parenting Mom Squad member said, "The "Matteo & Alex" issue just proves that "workplace loveteams and teases" will never be okay. As a married person, it's your duty to always secure your relationship and the welfare of your family. After all, infidelity usually starts with a harmless crush."

Whether it was a harmless prank, Ella said she has been a witness to these scenarios. "Tigilan na natin yung pagpapartner-partner or having a "love team" sa workplace kahit alam naman nating pamilyado ang tao. Let's all be professional and be responsible for our actions."

She told Smart Parenting, "And yes di ko nga alam if matutuwa ako or not na trending kasi it looks like na madaming relate at talagang nanonormalize sya sa workplace which is hindi dapat diba."

Parents weigh in

Ella also shared her post in the Smart Parenting Village, our online community of over 80,000 parents.

One mom agreed with her and said, "Pag oras ng work, dapat work lang ang gawin, hindi na dapat hinahaluan pa ng kung anong kaharutan."

She added, "Kasal o live-in partner, dapat same respect."

Another mom said, "Totally agree!!! When you’re married the past stays in the past. And there should never be anything in between. Your spouse becomes your lifetime partner. Someone who stands by you and stays with you no matter what."

One mom pointed out, "Workplace is not a place for playing nor a show for you to have a love team. There are other non-work issues workmates can entertain, but not their personal lives, especially about spouses. Respect begets respect."

While we all agree that teasing in the workplace should not be tolerated, so does judging or bashing a celebrity based on a spliced video clip. 

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