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22 Sweet, Hilarious, and 'If We're Being Honest' Things Moms Want to Tell Their Partners
  • We always want to remind moms that they are loved and that their constant efforts are appreciated, but it’s also good to do the same for dads! Fathers are just as important in the challenging journey of raising children — they are not only there to support their partners and children financially but also emotionally.

    We asked moms on Smart Parenting Village what they want to tell their husbands or partners, and we got lots of sweet and funny comments! Prepare to laugh, cry, and feel kilig as you read these moms’ heartfelt messages.

    22 heartwarming, hilarious, and honest things moms want to tell their partners

    Appreciation for the husband's efforts

    “Thank you for taking care of me after I gave birth. For comforting me whenever I cry from pain. For cleaning my stitches. For having patience every time I say 'You don’t know what I’m going through.'” — Mica Bangcoro Tubay

    “Thank you for taking care of us no matter how tired you are after work. You still manage to help me in everything. Thank you for appreciating and uplifting me in times that I don’t believe in myself anymore. I love you forever.” — Michelle Manuel Sioson-Gatchalian

    “You are heaven’s gift. The best father to my children and a husband I’ve been dreaming of. Thank you is not enough, but I want you to know how much I value you, appreciate you and love you in everything that you do. You are my forever.” — Sabria Soleil Castle

    What other parents are reading

    “Salamat dahil ako at mga anak natin [ang] palaging [mong] inuuna.” — Nancy Rodaje

    “Thank you for being the best co-parent I could ever ask for. You truly are a good man. And though our arrangement is not the norm, we seem to have a very normal friendship, and I am most thankful for this. Thank you for giving me my son. And for being the best friend I need.” — Jessica Ann

    “Thank you for being the good father and husband I have praying for. We are at our best because you are the best.” — Mamay Jane Bodiola

    Thanking your husband for just being there

    “That being a new parent isn’t as tiring/challenging as it seemed because of him. That I can’t believe I can love him even more, seeing him taking care of our child. And thank you for supporting and encouraging me while I went through my postpartum depression.” — Lia De Castro-Flanco

    “The moment you stepped inside the operating room to join me in welcoming our baby made me [realize] that your love for me was everlasting. You [overcame] your fear and stood tall [beside] me during those [moments]. You gave me the strength that I needed the most and you took away the fear inside of me.” — Niña Lazaro Obial

    “Thank you for being my peace in this chaotic world. I love you for being my serenity.” — Queen Alejo Mendoza

    “I wouldn’t survive being a mom without you.” — Inez Louisa Crisostomo

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    Funny and sweet requests

    watch now

    “Take better and more pictures of me and kiddo please.” — Margaret Rose Tipton-Siytangco

    “Please, for once, surprise me, hubby!” — Mujaireen Hadjihamid-Lagazo

    “Please put down your phone so you could be less distracted when looking after the kids.” — Camilia Bagayao

    “Hi, babe, can you [take] me somewhere to freshen up? I feel so stocked up inside the house.” — Ana Patria

    “I appreciate you for what you do for us pero sana mas iprioritize mo pa kami kaysa Mobile Legend. Kasi sa kasagsagan ng game mo nakakagalitan mo na if [maistorbo] ka.” — Apol Dapol

    “Please, if you see me sitting [on] the couch after a long day, offer to massage my feet. I badly [need] it. Because just like all super heroes, we all have our kryptonite and for me that’s always you and your sexy foot massages!” — Nathalie Grace

    “Thank you for the unconditional love, sacrifice and patience, but please wash your [kids’] bumbum once in a while.” — Princess Torres Co

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    Remind the husband to take a break, too

    “I really want him to think of himself kahit once lang. Kasi he has been doing a great job being a husband and a father to our little one. Na alam ko na kami lang lagi nasa isip niya simula sa [paggising] hanggang pagtulog.” — Mona Odulio Marquina-Galvez

    “Please, don’t forget to take care of yourself. I know you’ve been so tired and stressed at work lately, and yet you still make sure I avoid anything strenuous at home. But I hope you don’t neglect yourself pa rin.” — Ginyn Noble-Cadavillo


    “Minsan isipin mo din sarili mo. Sagad ka na minsan kakatulong sa iba. Pero despite that, you amply provide for our family. I salute you for everything that you do.” — Joarlyn M. Espiritu

    Honest reminders

    “Parenthood is not a joke. It’s not a demand. It is a responsibility that both of us should act upon. I do not need to remind you of what you needed to do to be called as a parent. You might be left alone with the kids if I am away, so act responsibly not only as a husband to me but a responsible parent to our kids. Yes, I always appreciate your countless efforts, but I’m hoping sooner or later it is no longer the result of me getting mad before you get your ass up and do your job as a parent!” — Megan Saliendra-Mateo

    “A happy wife is a happy life.” — Iris David Dela Cuesta

    What would you like to tell your husband or partner? Tell us in the comments!

    What other parents are reading

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