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  • I have so many awesome photos of my daughter, and each one is made possible by my very patient and eager husband. I think it's the same with my fellow millennial moms. 

    My husband takes the most beautiful candid photos of my daughter (and me!) because he knows what will make us look and feel good. No photographer will be as patient, kind, generous and loving as my husband is with my daughter and me.

    No one will be as smitten by our daughter no matter what she does than her dad! (At least during toddler years, I don’t know the teenage years though haha). 

    I love how excited he gets whenever he takes our photos, especially if he knows he captured a good one like our daughter’s milestones or when she is playing, talking, singing or dancing.

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    I love how proud he gets when people commend him for his shots. But the moments I like the most is how he reacts behind the camera when our daughter gives him her sweetest smile and the warmest hugs and kisses.


    I love how he cracks a joke in the middle of our shoots so he can take a snap of our most candid and "most real" laughter and smiles. Even without the camera, he makes me laugh every day. He never runs out of reasons to make me laugh, making me confident that our daughter will grow up always smiling.

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    I love the effort he puts into making sure he gets the angles perfect and the emotions right, just like how he makes sure he gives us the best in life.

    I love he complains and gets annoyed at times, but he still takes our photos. Just like when we argue, or I ask him to do something he doesn't agree with, he listens, makes his point, and then he does it anyway. 

    I love that we have amazing photos to cherish, and it’s all because of my husband. Our little family is “picture worthy” because of the love and hard work he puts in. 

    I can already hear how he will respond to these praises. He will tell me, no, it the hard work you and I put in. It's another thing I love about him —we are always equal.

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    There are many more things that I love about him. More than the photos, it’s how present he is as a husband and a father. Our daughter will grow up knowing how awesome her daddy is, not just because of the shots, but because of the story behind every photograph.

    Din Real Bautista is a proud full-time homemaker. Most of the time, she’s busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica with the help of the most amazing husband, Beejay. And the rest of her time, she’s making sure her life is better outside social media.

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