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  • Best Excuse To Try New Sex Position: Avoid Missionary For Now To Prevent COVID-19!

    Ideally, you and your partner should be practicing proper hygiene at all times.
    by Rachel Perez . Published Jul 2, 2020
Best Excuse To Try New Sex Position: Avoid Missionary For Now To Prevent COVID-19!
  • The country has relaxed quarantine restrictions to restart the economy, so you or your spouse may have to go out for work. Still, there are so many things experts are uncovering about COVID-19, including more data on how it's spread.

    One small study also showed the virus can be found in the semen, but it is not clear if it's spread through sex. Using a condom may also be ideal, but the most responsible thing to do is to skip sex if you're not feeling well. Do the same if you're not feeling any symptoms but believe that you've been exposed to someone sick. 

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    Safe sex guidelines to prevent COVID-19 

    Another study suggested couples skip kissing and wear masks while having sex. Yes, we know it's ridiculous. For starters, breathing can be intense during intercourse, and doing so freely helps release stress. To have your mouth covered while having sex  — unless you're into that kind of stuff (no judgment here!) — can pose issues that may end up with you taking the mask off or having to go to the hospital. 

    It is a tall order to ask couples to isolate or abstain from sex, even without the threat of the virus and more so if they're feeling great. How can they prevent infection but still maintain physical intimacy? Here are some ideas: 

    Avoid kissing, saliva exchange, and contact

    The health advice in British Columbia, Canada, supports the no kissing or saliva exchange or contact rule. It makes sense since COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets from the nose and mouth.

    Don't sweat. There are other forms of foreplay that do not involve mouth-to-mouth kissing. You can take turns pleasuring your partner; just make sure to wash your hands before and after. Technically speaking, oral sex also does not involve saliva exchange. You might be surprised to find it more pleasurable than deep penetration sex, as most women do. 

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    Do sex positions without close face-to-face contact.

    Breathing on each other even if you don't kiss can still pose a risk of infection so the advice included opting for sex positions without close face-to-face contact. Luckily, there are sexual positions that do not put you and your partner in close face-to-face contact. Here are a few:

    • Spooning. You and your partner lie sideways as he enters you from behind.
    • Scissors. At least your faces are not directly in front of each other.
    • Reverse cowgirl. Unlike in cowgirl position, it's trickier to give in and bend down to kiss your partner in the heat of the moment. Try also other variations, such as having your partner sit on the edge of the bed or chair instead of lying down.
    • Rear entry. This is basically missionary, but the woman is on her tummy.
    • Doggy style. This may be the best sex position given the restrictions. Plus, it has variations, such as doing it on the couch or against a table and a wall. 

    As you probably noticed, while these guidelines may be doable, they sound unrealistic and limiting. Instead, be mindful of your own health. Take all preventable measures when you're out and about. Practice proper hygiene when your outside or at home. Discuss this with your spouse, so you are both on the same page.

    Oh, and perhaps don't go looking for sex outside of your relationship (*wink*) or your house. The goal is not to bring the virus home to avoid infecting your spouse and the whole family. 

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