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  • Bored In The Bedroom? 7 Easy Sex Role-Play Ideas For Married Couples

    You will laugh and break character during the first few tries, but end up extremely satisfied.
    by Rachel Perez .
Bored In The Bedroom? 7 Easy Sex Role-Play Ideas For Married Couples
  • Experts say you need to have sex at least once a week to be happy. If you have kids, you’ve less time to romp, which is true. But we cannot say you cannot get away with having sex as many times as you can. Schedule it in the calendar if you have to, people! (Take a hint from these types of sex married couples here). 

    Great sex is just one of the perks of marriage: Having someone you can be physically intimate at any time. The only risk is when making love feels like another chore after so and so years. Don’t despair. There are many ways to have sex like you’re honeymooners or even more enticing and exciting — never dull.

    Keeping your sex life active and fun is a choice, and it involves work. First, commit never to neglect sex, especially after having kids when it's more challenging to find the time for it. Talk and be open to trying something new once in a while. 


    Role play is one of the easiest ways to spice up your sex life

    There’s an easy way to make married sex never dull: Role play! Admit it. You and your spouse have sexual fantasies and unmet desires that involve playing as someone else, different settings, and, perhaps, even sex toys. So take this as your chance to fulfill those dreams.

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    You don’t need to go over the top with costumes and props, just try to stay in character. And it’s okay if you’re not into Fifty Shades of Grey-level of bondage and sadomasochism. Inspired by this article from Your Tango, here are some of the hot, sexy role-playing ideas you can try:

    1. Strangers at a bar

    Phil and Claire Dunphy, of the TV series Modern Family, do this every year on their anniversary. They meet up at a hotel bar and show up as characters they’ve chosen. Flirt your way up to the hotel room for some hot, stranger sex. It’s like meeting your spouse all over again, but with a twist. It may also bring back memories of how you and your partner first got together.


    2. Your favorite movie couple

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Pretty Woman? How about Jack and Rose from The Titanic (hey, don't hate!)? In the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy Santiago role-played as a character in her husband, Jake Peralta’s favorite Die Hard movie. Whatever film or TV series, try acting out the movie couple’s sex scene with your spouse. Having a peg may make it easier for you or your partner to get into sex role-playing.

    3. The client and the stripper

    Put on some sexy lingerie and get in the rhythm. Grind your booty and sway your hips as you give your partner a lap dance and strip to the tune of your favorite song. Remember the rules: No touching unless the stripper makes the first move. The bed romping starts when the song is done, or when you’re both naked, whichever happens first. 

    4. The chef and the server

    Food and pleasure can definitely mix. Serve your partner any of his or her ultimate favorite dish — you! Kidding (but also not!) Try feeding your partner by hand, or play with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, hot sauce, or ice. Raise the bar and do body shots or serve sushi on your naked bodies. 


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    5. It’s a pleasure to watch you

    One of the most popular sex fantasies is to be seen by other people while busy getting pleasured or giving pleasure. You don’t need to actually do it in public. Still, you can post cut-outs or silhouettes of people  in the walls, which will give you the illusion of being watched. 

    6. The control freak and the slave

    A power struggle sex role-play is like Fifty Shades but without the pain! Take total control of pleasuring your partner until he or she climaxes, or order your partner to do anything you want. Either way, make your partner beg for sex by teasing, kissing, licking, even light tickling. You’ll both get busy under the sheets but through delayed gratification, which can be more satisfying.

    It doesn’t have to be intense if you don’t want it to be. Playful power struggle role-playing in sex can also be between a doctor and nurse (“Cure me, doctor!”), a repairman and client (“Fix my leak!”), a professor and student (“I will not fail you!”), an artist and muse (“Pose naked for me,” or “Can I film you?”), etc. You're free to write your story before acting it out, if it makes you feel safer.


    7. Your favorites masseuse

    Who can say no to candle lights, relaxing massage oils, and having your partner’s hands touch you all over? It works in the bedroom and in the bathtub, too. Give one another massages or baths until you’re both so ready to get it on. Did you know you can pleasure your partner through special strokes? This can be another form of a power-struggle role-play if you want.

    A happy and healthy relationship is one that is founded on love, kindness, generosity — we totally agree. But more than that, sex and intimacy are also vital aspects of a successful marriage. Yes, you will laugh and break character during the first few tries, but end up extremely satisfied. Count on it. 

    Make sure you and your partner have a healthy sex life. Click here for bedroom secrets from real couples.

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