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Sharon Cuneta On 6-Month LQ With Husband Kiko, 'Kala Ko Single Na Ako Uli Next Year'
  • Sharon Cuneta shared on Instagram photos of her and her husband former Senator Kiko Pangilinan getting intimate during the 18th birthday celebration of Judy Ann Agoncillo's daughter Yohan on November 20.

    The Mega Star revealed, "Bati na kami today after pagkahaba-habang LQ mula pa nung nasa U.S. kami ni Nana @reginevalcasid!"

    She said, their lover's quarrel was the reason why in her vlogs taken in Korea, they were not usually seen together.

    In one of the posts, Kiko can be seen kissing Sharon on the shoulder, to which the actress said, "Sige pagbutihan mo naybor para Sutart ka na ulit after 6 months!"

    Sharon even said that she thought their LQ would cause them to separate. "Kala ko single na ako uli next year. Ayan buti bati na." She then tagged her good friends Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo. Juday expressed her happiness for the two, and commented, "Ayieeeee!!!"

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    Shawie said in another post, "Reunited after a 6-month long LQ, which we thought would lead to a separation."

    Their fans who use the hashtag #KiWie were happy that the couple fought for their marriage.

    Sharon meanwhile shared more snaps during Yohan's 18th birthday, including a photo of their kids KakieMiel, and Miguel.

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    What couples should not do after a fight

    While Sharon didn't disclose the reason for their LQ, we know very well that fights are normal in any marriage. In fact, a psychologist said, couples who don't fight at all are more likely to separate than those who do.

    Regardless, our goal is to become better partners.

    Here are three things that couples shouldn't do after a fight.

    1. Don't take your partner's need for space personally.

    If your partner is asking for space, you should understand that the reason is not personal and that you should give it. Dr. Megan Flemming, a clinical psychologist told Woman's Day, "In a fight, when one partner is overwhelmed, they may not be able to process their thoughts, which is why it's important to respect when someone says 'I need a break.'"

    watch now

    You'll never know how much you also need that space unless you let them have it too.

    2. Don't think that a fight is the end of the world.

    If you believe in your marriage, know that misunderstandings are going to come and you can resolve them together. 

    Dr. Flemming warns that extreme terms like "you always" and "you never" won't solve anything. So if you feel like you are about to drop these bombs, take a step back and talk once you know that you mean what you say.

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    3. Don't just say "I'm sorry" for the sake of.

    We are all guilty that sometimes we want to fix the issue immediately just so we could move on with our lives. However, Laurie Puhn, a couples mediator and author of Fight Less, Love More, advises that you say sorry sincerely and tell them what you are going to do so that it won't happen again.


    When you know you are truly sorry and when you feel like your partner is also ready to hear your apology, say this instead: "I'm sorry for (what you've done)." Plus, state what you will do next, "Next time, I will (what you will do to avoid doing the same mistake)."

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