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  • Talking Tips: How to Improve Communication in Your Relationships

    Avoid miscommunication mishaps. Say what you mean in whatever medium--text, email, in writing, or face-to-face--with these 5 tips!
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • By Tala Dayrit
    Most problems start with miscommunication, more so with relationships—any kind of relationship, be it between friends, family, or significant others. Closeness between two people can often lead to assumptions, which in turn, lead to arguments. No one really wants arguments, so how does one communicate better? Here are some tips:
    In today’s modern age, text-based conversations via SMS or instant messengers allow more things to be said. Rather than just the usual “OK,” take a bit of time to analyze what the other person is saying. You might save yourself an argument later if you reply properly now. Taking a few seconds to type in “thank you” or “have a great day” may make the person on the other end feel that you really appreciate him or her—which goes a long way toward promoting friendly feelings.
    If you’re not clear on your dinner date plans, go ahead and clarify. People usually skim over the details since they know the general timetable or plan, but it’s the little things that you thought you knew that usually end the night in a not-so-good way. If you want to know something, don’t be afraid to ask! Asking for and receiving answers doesn’t just clarify things in the way of gimmicks—sometimes asking someone for his or her advice, opinion, or even how he or she is doing will help strengthen your relationship.
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