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The Craziest Thing I Did for Love: 8 Real-Life Stories
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  • “What was the craziest thing you did for love?” Our sister publication Good Housekeeping Philippines magazine asked readers this question, and here are the best answers they got:

    From Sybil*, 48
    I once had the most persevering boyfriend. He didn’t have a car at the time, so he rode the tricycle every day to visit me at home. In college, I would find him waiting to accompany me home after classes. He picked me up and brought me home whenever we would go out. We would always take public transportation.

    He was always there for me, but I was young and didn’t know any better, so I broke up with him when I met someone who was richer and had a car. After a week, though, I realized I had made a mistake and started to miss my previous boyfriend. I wanted to patch things up, so I called his landline constantly. To my disappointment, he refused to talk to me, no matter how often I reached out.

    I decided to call his office and told the secretary to inform him that I had died. Of course that compelled him to ring my family’s house, and when we finally got the chance to talk, he asked, “Ano na naman problema mo?”
    It was crazy, but it worked. I got him back and we’ve been happily married for 25 years, with two loving boys.

    From Carla*, 37
    I married the guy. 

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    From Evie*, 34
    I was on my way to meet my boyfriend at a mall. I was 15 at the time. I had asked permission from my dad, and he said yes. My mom was supposed to take me to the mall, but all of a sudden she changed her mind and refused to let me go. These were the days before cell phones, and my boyfriend had called me from a pay phone to let me know he was already there. So, I begged my parents to let me go to at least inform my boyfriend that our date was off. My mom agreed to take me, but as we were on our way, she changed her mind again! I couldn’t bear the thought of standing up my boyfriend, so I did what any lovesick teenager would do: I jumped out of our moving car as it sped along the road, and ran all the way to the mall. 


    From Isabella*, 36
    I ’m a busy single mom, so the easiest way for me to meet new people is through Tinder, a dating app. After a few not-so-great experiences, I was ready to give up. Then I matched with Ryan*. Turns out, he was based in the U.S. and was leaving Manila for the rest of his Asian tour the next day, so we couldn’t meet. But we really clicked, and after that, we would text and video chat every day.

    I had vague plans of going to the U.S. on vacation in a few months, and I figured I could meet him then. But one night, he got this idea to fly me to Thailand, his last stop. At first, I thought it was completely crazy. But it’s rare for me to connect with someone the way I connected with him, so I decided it was worth a shot.
    A week later, I flew to Thailand. The first time Ryan and I saw each other at the airport, he gave me a big hug. It felt like I was home.

    We’ve been together for six months, and he’s been back to see me. I’ll be flying out to see him in a few months. And, of course, I’ve deleted Tinder!

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    From Vivian*, 32
    I met a guy in April a few years back. Two months later, we were officially a couple. In December of the same year, eight months since I met him, I flew to the U.S. to meet his family, and just four months after that, I packed my whole life in the Philippines in boxes and moved to the U.S. to marry him. That all happened in 13 months! It really sounds crazy when I talk about it now. 

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    From Maya*, 36
    Crazy move number one: In college, I got involved with my professor. People who knew him raised their eyebrows and gave me endless warnings because of his commitment issues. I just played deaf. Things were going well until I found out that he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. I confronted him, and he said the girl was too pushy, and he didn’t love her. Crazy move number two: I forgave him.

    After a few months, he wanted a cool-off period so he could patch things up with his ex and support the baby. We didn’t talk for a few weeks, but he gave me a Christmas gift, so I thought there was still a chance for our relationship. And then I found out he was cheating on me with one of my classmates! I was going nuts because I was cheated on twice. I couldn’t sleep and was always crying -- which led to crazy move number three: I asked one of my friends to smash my ex’s new car. But that didn’t happen!

    From Honey Bunny*, 27
    Ten years before we got married, my wife lived in Katipunan while I lived in San Juan. One time I walked from my house to hers and back just so I could say, “Walang distansyang hindi ko tatahakin para sa ’yo.” 

    From Jess*, 34
    My family didn’t approve of my then-boyfriend, Chris*, whom I met when I moved to the U.S. He didn’t have a degree, he’s 12 years older than me, he’s a divorcee, he has a lot of tattoos, and his ears are pierced—someone my old-fashioned family never even thought I would consider. They didn’t care about his job, or that he was a devoted Christian, a decent man, and a very family-oriented person who took care of his ill parents until they passed. They thought he wasn’t “good enough” for me, and I felt like they were just worried about his social status. My mom even tried to bribe me with money to start a business, just so I would move back to the Philippines.I was scared and felt horrible for disappointing my family. But Chris and I have since gotten married and now have a son. My mom and my brother are okay with my husband now. But my other brother still doesn’t speak to me. He feels that I did my family wrong by not following their wishes. When I think about my brother, of course it saddens me. But if I had to, I would do it all over again.


    * Names were changed to protect the privacy of the individual

    This story originally appeared in the June 2016 issue of Good Housekeeping Philippines magazine. Minor edits have been made by the Smartparenting.com.ph editors.

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