• The Daddy Survey

    We wanted to find out more about what modern dads are into and what they keep putting off. Check out the results of our daddy survey.
  • What’s the all-time favorite guy movie? The thing they keep putting off? We asked dads to take our survey and here’s what we found out. Be ready for some surprises:

    1) The 5 all-time favorite movies are:


    Fast and the Furious – 20%
    Star Wars – 20%
    The Godfather – 10%
    Last Samurai – 10%
    Band of Brothers – 10%

    Other titles cited include:
    The Shawshank Redemption
    The Matrix
    Air Force One
    Rush Hour

    Our surprise answers :
    Chances Are
    Pursuit of Happiness
    Conclusion: Men have a soft side, too - they just refuse to admit it.

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