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  • The Top 3 Sources of Stress in Marriage

    Nobody said maintaining a relationship, balancing a job and looking after a household with kids was easy. Here are some factors that can put strain on your marriage.
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    2. Money problems
    The pressure of providing for your family, with children to feed, tuition fees to pay and other expenses can cause a great amount of stress on you and your spouse. Not all couples are blessed with sufficient resources, and making ends meet can create an extraordinary amount of tension between you and your partner.

    The number one money mistake that couples make is keeping money matters to themselves. Sit down together and take note of your expenses, both as individuals and as a couple. Mark those that are unnecessary (Do you really need to have that daily frappe fix? Do you really need to bring the car to work every day?) and agree on what you can sacrifice not buying.

    Be transparent about your financial choices. You have to be a team when it comes to money issues.

    Take the frugal alternative, as much as possible. There are many ways to save on household expenses and more affordable items you can opt for when in the supermarket or at the mall. Get creative. Sell old items. Have a garage sale. Scrimping doesn’t have to be boring!

    3. Not much going on in the love and fireworks department
    With the amount of pressure you’re constantly dealing with in your marriage, sex and intimacy can be one of the first on the chopping block. You might be too tired after work, not in the mood because of stress, or there’s simply no time with everything you have to do.

    Misunderstandings and arguments, of course, are unavoidable. But treat these as avenues for opening up communication with your partner, rather than creating problems in your relationship. Use these instances as a way to resolve issues and finding a common ground on which you can compromise. Learn the art of fighting and making up.

    If you want to spice up your relationship again, there are many ways to get your spouse to romance you. Just be sensitive to the other person’s needs and you’ll discover ways to grow an even more amazing marriage.

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