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  • This Is How Doug And Chesca Kramer Keep The Kilig In Their Marriage

    From finding "we" time to making simple gestures romantic, these are the couple's secrets to a lasting relationship.
This Is How Doug And Chesca Kramer Keep The Kilig In Their Marriage
  • Doug and Chesca Kramer's love story is one for the books. After meeting for the first time at a beach party 14 years ago, they felt an instant connection, and the rest is history. The couple, together with their kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, make up the formidable Team Kramer, undoubtedly among the most in-demand family celebrities today.

    Aside from taking good care of their family, Doug and Chesca are also particular about another thing: keeping the spark in their marriage alive and long-lasting. The couple shares how they do it: 

    They have regular "We" time.

    For most couples, date nights and out-of-town trips take a backseat after a few years into the marriage—but not for Doug and Chesca. "You really have to find ways to find time. We regularly go out," Chesca says.

    "We're surrounded by the kids the whole day and we really like that, but there are also times when it's just the two of us. Even if we can't leave the house, we'll just open a bottle of wine and enjoy it together at home lang while the kids are sleeping. There's still bonding time for the two of us," says Doug.

    They give importance to simple gestures.

    For their ninth wedding anniversary, Doug gave Chesca a necklace, but not just any piece of jewelry. "I was thinking about how I could surprise her and make it very memorable, so I had a necklace and pendant done for her. It was a number nine to symbolize our nine years of marriage. We have our three kids so I put pearl beads designating the ages of Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin. There are things that I will always enjoy doing for her—including making moments memorable," Doug points out.

    They work as a team.

    It's important for couples to make sure any misunderstanding doesn't grow into big arguments. "Doug and I also have our differences and sometimes we get into each other's nerves, but we don't let these things last long," Chesca explains. 

    You and your husband also need to learn to work as one unit, especially when it comes to raising your kids. Chesca says that when their kids came along, it made their lives a lot more colorful and meaningful. "It completely got us closer together. It really bonded us even more. We are more inspired to work. We are more motivated to make sure that our children really grow up in a home where parents are involved in their lives."

    They find something to look forward to.

    Having something to look forward to will bind you and your husband together as you try to achieve one goal. "Right now the most exciting thing for us as a family is that we're building our dream house. Our family is getting ready for stage two of our adventure." Doug reveals.

    Chesca, on the other hand, has written six children's books on healthy habits and values—all for a good cause.

    As much as possible, Chesca and Doug also try to work together on several projects. One of the exciting things happening now for Team Kramer is shooting the new TV commercial for Del Forever Fabric Softener 15 times longer bangooooo campaign.

    Doug and Chesca are particular about how they make sure they have a lasting marriage. For one, to keep the kilig strong, they make sure they’re always at their best for each other. 

    They know that it's not about getting made up, or dressing up in fancy new clothes every day. It’s the little touches that count, like fresh, clean clothes with the long-lasting scent of Del Forever.  

    And when it comes to their family, they make sure they choose only the best as well. Chesca, for example, is very hands-on when it comes to taking care of the family. She makes sure all the clothing they wear and every fabric they use is mabango, particularly the kids' uniforms and Doug's active wear.

    Discover how Chesca makes Team Kramer's clothes 15x more mabangooooo and learn more about Del Forever at Del's Facebook Page. 


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