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This Mom Got Real About Sex After Kids--and Gets Bashed For It
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  • If you have a social media account, we're pretty sure you have seen posts by celebrity moms — and the comments their photo, opinion, or story elicits. Somehow online trolls are never far from delivering a vicious comment that does not serve any purpose (this story on Judy Ann Santos comes to mind).

    But celebrities are not the only ones who get these awful feedback. Ordinary folks speaking their mind get shamed and bashed all the time. One recent example is this Australian mommy blogger, who is letting other people see what it's like to be on the other end of the screen, reading those harsh messages.

    Mel Watts, the mom of three behind the blog The Modern Mumma, posted real and honest insight on sex after marriage (her post on quickies got us laughing). She recently recounted an incident that involved her 9-year-old son, Ayden, who heard her and her husband, Nolan, having sex. Mel was understandably mortified because for one thing, her son didn't even hear amazing passionate sex.  

    "He heard 'well, that was a waste of a load" from me, and, oh, my favorite part, 'that was the worst' courtesy of the husband. Which it was. He said something funny and I laughed really hard and told him I'm honestly about to pee myself. So as you can imagine the things the 9-year-old was hearing wasn't exactly nice," Mel wrote. 

    To make the situation even worse, Mel's son asked, "I thought dad didn't want another baby?" and "Could you possibly keep it down when you have sex?" The only reply she could muster was "Sure, buddy, I'm sorry."


    As Mel wrote with a great sense of humor, everyone was traumatized by the incident. 

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    We were not surprised when the post went viral. We found it so real — it could happen to anyone — that we were waiting for her next post--she mentioned a scheduled talk between her son and Nolan and Ayden's biological dad. But the post that came was a sad one.

    Along with the huge number of moms who could totally relate with Mel's story, there was a lot as well that gave malice and criticized Mel, from her parenting to her sense of judgment. 

    In a video on YouTube, Mel was in tears about her online shamers. "For a very long time I have seen huge amounts of money and resources going in to teach our children about bullying. I think the actual problem isn’t our children. It’s the parents.

    "After writing an article, I have read hundreds of horrible things about me...All I did was write an opinion and everyone has taken that to the point of saying horrible things that aren’t' true."

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    Mel, who emphasized that she didn’t ask for her post to go viral, offered her two cents on how the online community should behave: "You either like it or you don't. If you don't have anything nice to say, you just scroll on. You don't troll.

    "I don't understand why people feel that necessary to call people these things and tell people these horrible things... It's just not called for... And I don’t understand how people can say this kind of stuff and be so nasty to people they don’t even know."

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    Mel continues, "It doesn't matter if your Kim f*cking Karadashian. You should not have to tolerate it. It doesn't matter if you're nobody like me... I should not have to tolerate it. No one has to tolerate it."

    True that, Mom. 

    What other parents are reading

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