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3 Simple Ways To Show Love To Your Spouse This Valentine Weekend
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  • Do you feel the pressure to celebrate Valentine’s Day because of what you see on social media? Don't. Aside from buying chocolates and flowers, or going to a fancy dinner, there are other meaningful ways of expressing affection to your spouse that do not require a lot of time, energy, or money to prepare. Here are some of them:  

    1. Give small gifts based on your partner's love language.

    According to psychologists and relationship experts, there are five types of love language through which each person expresses and receives affection – Words, Quality Time, Gifts, Act of Service, and Touch. It is important to know your loved one’s love language. 

    If your spouse is a “word person”, resort to affirmation and encouragement by writing a note. If she is a “quality time person,” be all ears this weekend to make the holiday special. Gifts don't have to be expensive to be appreciated — even just a box of donuts will let the other person know you were thinking of him.

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    For someone who likes acts of service, offer your help with tasks he usually does to give him a break. For a “touch person,” do not forget to express your love on a different level today through kisses, a back massage, and hugs!

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    2. Date on, diet off!

    If food is your common ground, find some quality time with each other through a simple date. Drop the diet just this once and either dine out or make something special that you can both partake in. (Looking for date ideas you can do as a family? Click here.)

    3. Make love.

    Despite your hurried lives, you need to make time to prioritize each other. One way that won't cost much but will bring you satisfaction is, yes by making love. Rekindle the fire through sweet words, foreplay, courtship and lovemaking. Express your love and enjoy each other in committed intimacy that no other relationship can ever offer.

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