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What a Day in a Parent's Life Looks Like in 16 Beautiful Pascal Campion Artworks
  • Parenting isn’t always pretty. It’s messy and it’s confusing, and it’s also frustrating. It can be infuriating, daunting and tiring. It’s all of these adjectives at once; but add them all up and they still can’t compare to how beautiful parenting and family is as well. It's filled with so many little wondrous moments that we tend to overlook. To remind you of all the little things that you might have taken for granted, here’s what a day in the life of a parent is like in beautiful Pascal Campion artworks.

    1. It’s a Sunday and waking up in the morning is hard. A tickle fight usually gets everyone out of bed though.

    2. Morning rituals include a bath.

    3. Then off to get the kids dressed. It’s been a while since they were last measured. My, how much they’ve grown.

    4. What to do today... A walk in the park?


    5. A visit to the lake?

    6. How about the beach?

    7. The beach sounds nice.

    8. But why not just stay home. 

    9. Play a few games.

    10. Paint a few masterpieces.

    11. Take afternoon naps.

    12. Then we'll go make a messy dinner together. 

    13. The kids are still a bit too excited to go to bed.

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    14. But eventually they do. 

    15. And all is quiet. 

    16. Tomorrow we’ll do it all over again.

    Pascal Campion is an illustrator and animator. He's also a dad.   Check out his Instagram and his Facebook page

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