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  • What Type of Dad are you?

    A survey was able to identify five different profiles of dads in the U.S.
  • father and sonA recent survey claims to have figured out the different types of dads in the U.S.

    Conducted by Martin Agency, over 10,000 dads with kids below 18 years old still living in the same house were included in the study, as well as data from consumer groups such as Gfk MRI and Peacock Nine.

    What categories do these modern fathers fall under? There’s the “Partner Dad”, the “Hip Pop Dad”, the “Renaissance Dad”, the “Durable Dad” and the “Leader of the Pack.”

    A quarter of the respondents fell under the “Partner Dad” type. These would be the dads who work mainly with their partner or wife in taking care of things. When not busy, they watch T.V. to relax.

    The “Durable Dad,” on the other hand, also accounted for 25 percent of dads across America. This type of father is a role model; he is very traditional in terms of values and prioritizing the family.

    19 percent of American dads would be called a “Renaissance Dad.” These dads like bonding with the family via nightly dinners together and learning new things together. When these dads have time, they enjoy jogging and reading.

    The “Leader of the Pack”, representing 17 percent of dads in the U.S., is very ambitious. He puts great value on status and instilling values in his children.

    You would say that the “Hip Pop Dad" would be the “best friend” kind of dad. These would account for 14 percent of American fathers. They have established a friendship with their children, but they still try to be parents to them at the same time. They like playing sports together during their free time.

    Do you think this is applicable in the Philippines? If so, what type would you or your husband / partner fall under? If not, what categories do you think would be more typical for Filipino dads? Let us know.

    Photo from flickr.com

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