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  • 7 Ways to Reuse Stuff that Clutters Up the House

    Save money by repurposing rubber bands, binder clips, and other things that make a mess.
    Published Mar 28, 2016

  • There are things that seem to exist simply as clutter. You use them once, and then they’re left lying around the house, unwanted and unused. You know the stuff: rubber bands, binder clips and seasonal items like summer pool noodles. Repurpose the mess and save money by breathing new life into these unloved, forgotten items.  

    Binder clip

    1. To display photos

    Photo from lifehacker.com

    Why buy frames for your office desk when you probably have these lying around.  Because binder clips can stand on their backs, you can print your favorite family photos and turn them into neat picture holders.  You can also use them as note stands, if you like. 

    2. As a phone stand


    Photo by richsipe/Instructables

    You don’t have to waste money buying a phone stand when you can just as easily make one yourself. All you need are two medium-sized binder clips and these simple instructions to show you how. 

    Pool noodle

    3. To stop a door from slamming

    Photo from muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com

    Here's a great idea for those pool noodles you seem to keep buying every year. Carefully cut the length of a noodle and slide it over the edge of door. Aside from keeping the noise down of a door shutting, it will also protect little fingers from getting accidentally slammed in the doorway. 

    4. As a racecar track

    Photo from ramblingsfromutopia.com

    Got a giant pool noodle with a big center? Turn it into racecar track by simply slicing it in half. Easy, right? Since one noodle will get you two race tracks, they’re great for parties and gatherings where kids can race their favorite car against each other. 

    Kids’ arm floaters

    5. As a wine bottle protector


    Photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy/Real Simple

    Traveling with delicate items like wine bottles? Place them in an inflated arm floaters to protect them from bumps and bruises.  

    Rubber bands

    6. To keep clothes on a hanger

    Photo by Quentin Bacon/Real Simple

    watch now

    Clothes keep sliding off their hangers? Wrap a rubber band at both ends of the hanger, and voila! A quick and easy fix.  

    7. Make painting easier

    Photo by Lara Robby/Good Housekeeping

    Minimize the mess of painting by stretching a rubber band over the lid of the paint can. This way, you’ll have a spot to use to get rid of excess paint on your paintbrush without getting the can’s edges messy. When you're done, you can stretch the rubber band over the can's body to mark paint levels.  

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