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  • A mom's work is never done. There's always more cooking, more cleaning, more homework-checking, more grocery shopping to be done. And that is why hobbies are important -- they're a way to spend that much-needed mommy me-time while simultaneously doing something that's productive, creative and relaxing.

    Hobbies don't have to burn a hole through your wallet, though. Here's our list of 9 hobbies you can do and really enjoy at a minimal cost. See if any of these tickle your fancy.

    1. Look after succulents

    Look after succulents

    Succulents: they look great wherever you place them and they’re relatively easy to tend to. More and more urban-dwelling folks are getting into them and we get why. Everyone’s looking to add a dash of nature into their homes and workplaces and the quirky and cute succulent is perfect for the job. There are a couple of stores that sell them but we prefer the more affordable selections at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

    Try: Philippine Orchid Society's Orchid Show
    A lecture on cactus and succulent propagation will be given on September 2 (Wednesday) at the Quezon City Memorial Circle. Entrance fee is  P50. The lecture is free.

    2. Crochet



    This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Grandmas everywhere have been hooked (get it? Because it’s crochet!) on this since the beginning of time itself. All you need is some yarn and tapestry needles to make some adorable and functional coasters, scarves placemats or whatever else you can think of.

    Try: Craft MNL’s Basic Crochet workshop
    Workshop fee is P1,650 happening on September 13 (Sunday)

    3. Meditate


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    Research has shown that meditation reduces stress, can help with insomnia, decrease the effects of irritable bowl syndrome and even lower chances of an inflammatory disease. It’s helped millions upon millions all over the world relax and clear their mind, including Angelina Jolie, Oprah and Tina Turner.

    Try:  Omvana (smartphone app)
    Free to download on iTunes and on the Google Play Store

    4. Read


    Get away from it all for a while and immerse yourself inside a good book. If you don’t consider yourself much of a reader, there’s still hope. Maybe you just haven’t found the right book for you yet. Try browsing Goodreads.com; they have an excellent database of books which includes list, summaries and reader reviews. If you’re more of the spontaneous type, secondhand bookstores are great places to just scour and buy since you won’t feel as guilty for hoarding.

    Go to: The 36th Manila International Book Fair
    Publishers gather yearly for the country's biggest and longest-running book fair, and this year it's slated on September 16 to 20. Most books are sold at a discounted price as well. (Fully Booked and National Book Store offer 20% on all their books at the fair.)

    5. Get hooked on TV shows and movies


    Get hooked on TV shows and movies

    Too much TV might not be good for the kids but there’s no such rule for moms, right? Well, we hope not because nothing beats a bag of chips, cozy pillows and the latest episode of our favorite show to cap off a stressful day. We personally recommend Jane the Virgin if you’re looking for something light, funny and sweet as well. There are a couple of services now that let you watch TV shows and movies on demand, provided you have decent internet connection.

    Try: iFlix
    Offers unlimited viewing on up to 5 devices for a monthly fee of P129.

    6. Learn the ukulele

    It's not too late to learn an instrument -- especially if it's a relatively easy one. Think about it: 2 strings less than the guitar -- shouldn't be too difficult to learn, right? If a young child can do it, so can you! Plus, you can impress you kids when they hear that your lullaby has an accompanying musical instrument.

    Try: Craft MNL's Beginner's Ukulele workshop
    Workshop fee is P400, happening on September 6 and 26.

    7. Make paper crafts


    Make paper crafts

    Not much into caring for plants but like the look of them? Paper crafting could be your thing! They brighten up the room just like plants but without the constant upkeep. What we like about these is that they can also be simple tokens or little presents to friends and loved ones. Make a bunch, keep them in a drawer and bring one out whenever you need to brighten someone's day.

    Try: Potted Paper Blossoms workshop by Inabina at Puzzles: Board Game Lounge
    Workshop is on Sept. 19, Saturday, from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

    8. Do basic lettering

    Do basic lettering


    Calligrapy is all the rage these days. It seems like everyone's trying their hand (and pen) at this artform. It's not as easy as it looks, mind you. If you like the look of it though, then by all means jump in the bandwagon. You don't need all the fancy writing materials yet. Just get the very basic pens you'll need, try a few words and see if you get the hang of it.

    Try: The ABC of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy
    Available wherever books are sold, for P295.

    9. Color


    Here's another thing everyone's clamoring about: coloring. It's not just for our kids anymore. This fun activity you used to do in your childhood can now be enjoyed as an adult as well, only now it's made more intricate and more of a recreational activity than an exercise in fine motor skill control. Another thing we love about coloring is that our kids can join in it too -- provided that they use their own coloring book, that is (because this one's too pretty to share!).

    Try: Hue Can Do It! and Hue Can Do It, Too!
    A new release by Summit Books, these adult coloring books which gather the works of 44 of the most talented Filipino illustrators today are set to be launched at The Philippine Literary Festival 2015 on Saturday, August 29, from 1 to 2:30pm at Raffles Makati’s Ballroom 2.
    Available wherever books are sold, for P295.

    Photos from their respective sites, Pixabay and buqo.ph.

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