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  • Aubrey Miles Earned P850K Selling Plants! How To Make Money Being A 'Halamom'

    While she shells out a significant amount for rare plants, she is able to earn her money back.
    by Angela Baylon .
Aubrey Miles Earned P850K Selling Plants! How To Make Money Being A 'Halamom'
PHOTO BY instagram/milesaubrey
  • Taking care of houseplants has helped many cope and fill time during quarantine. If you're a busy mom who's been wanting to get into gardening but worried if you'll have the time and energy to pursue it, certified plant mom Aubrey Miles knows the perfect types of plants for you — and you can also earn from it!

    Aside from her three kids, Maurie, Hunter, and Rocket, Aubrey is also a mom to hundreds of her plant babies. Claiming the title "plant mother," the celebrity mom once likened gardening to having a "hundred kids that [don’t] complain." (Read here to know the most expensive plant in her collection.)

    Earning while growing plants

    While she's known to shell out a significant amount of money for her plants, Aubrey has turned it into a blooming business opportunity. In an exclusive interview with SmartParenting.com.ph, the mom of three says she's currently focusing on those that are considered "rare" and are "collectibles."

    "Right now, because I'm selling, I'm collecting 'yung mga medyo rare and collectibles na medyo mahal na. But I still like 'yung mga Albo, mga variegated monstera."

    Aubrey has set up a mini greenhouse inside their house. 

    They say money doesn't grow on trees but in Aubrey's case, it appears that money grows on plants! Her plant business is doing so well that she now manages to sell one for hundreds of thousands of pesos. 

    She earns by propagating her plants. “Propagation is [when] you cut them and then you grow. So I sell them to get my money back,” she explains in a previous interview.

    Aubrey shares, "Would you believe, I sold — well, actually every month I sold one plant for Php850,000. Grabe, di ba? So sabi ko, 'I can sit in my plant. Just look at them, cut them and then, earn money.'"

    Perfect plants for busy moms

    With a lot of experience with gardening, Aubrey knows the type of plants that don’t demand a ton of time. She lists three. These plants don't need frequent watering so, they can handle a little neglect for when family duties call.

    1. Monstera plant
    2. Yucca
    3. Snake plant

    "The green monstera because they're drought tolerant, so you don't need to water them everyday. So drought tolerance means they can take kahit dry na yung lupa, then you water them," Aubrey explains.

    Aubrey with her "favorite" monstera borsigiana green plant.
    PHOTO BY instagram/milesaubrey
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    "I also like, yucca. Yucca is a chunky tree so parang desert plant din siya. So, less watering." In her case, Aubrey only waters her yuccan plant twice a month. 

    Lastly, Aubrey swears by how low-maintenance snake plants are. "I always advice for moms na busy, na ayaw nilang masyadong mag-care, ganun, snake plant."

    "Ang snake plant, they like sun-- they like sun so if you have a window na maaraw, hindi direct sun. But usually, yung ganyan they like it direct pa. Pero if you wanna train them, kailangan sa talagang window na maaraw tapos you water them less kasi... mag-i-spot-spot, kapag sumobra 'yung tubig."

    If you're looking forward to turning over a new leaf by getting into a worthwhile hobby, it's never too late to start harnessing your green thumb. Who knows, taking care of houseplants may be the best way to spend your mommy me-time, and earn money on the side too!

    Click here for more tips on how to care for houseplants.

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