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  • Gen X Mom vs. Millennial Mom: Here's What Their P5,000 Grocery Money Covers

    Does the generation gap extend to household spending habits, too? Check out these moms' #CashConfessions.
Gen X Mom vs. Millennial Mom: Here's What Their P5,000 Grocery Money Covers
  • The Filipino mom is a common fixture at the supermarket, but changing times have altered her shopping habits. Compared to the Baby Boomer mama you likely grew up with, mothers of today—mostly Generation X and Millennials—do grocery shopping quite differently.

    Generation X bridges the divide between the old guard and the digital generation. Growing up in during the Cold War and the pre- and post-EDSA eras, they are both radical and conservative, driven both by nostalgia for a rosy past and a desire for change.

    Millennials, on the other hand, are digital natives and pride themselves on being more "woke" than their predecessors. 24/7 access to the internet gives them more knowledge at their fingertips than any generation before them.

    When it comes to their kids, however, both Gen X and Millennial moms agree that a well-fed child is a happy child. They simply go about it in different ways, as this informal survey says. Moms from the two different generations shared their grocery lists with us. Do theirs look just like yours?

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    In the end, however, the differences are mostly cosmetic. Both Gen X and Millennial mommies are balancing the same budgets and buying practically the same things. But they both face the same challenges of stretching those weekly budgets to feed their growing families.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Cashalo.