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4 Sideline Jobs You Can Try That Lets You Earn P3,000 A Week
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  • Whether you already have a 9-to-5 job with a work-from-home arrangement, or are looking for something to add to your list of freelance hustles, there are plenty of ways you can earn money with a PC or laptop and an internet connection as your investments.

    4 homebased sideline jobs

    Here are a few online income-generating ideas you can try.

    1. Sell what you bake online.

    You can earn extra income when you sell goods online. It’s best to survey the resources you have and  more importantly, your customers’ demands. With parts of the country still in in one form of quarantine or another, you may want to focus more on necessities you can sell, such as food.

    Every one has been baking these days, so why not put your new-found hobby to good use? Ube-cheese pandesal is a hit, so you may want to try your own. A dozen of these sell anywhere between Php250 to Php600. Subtracting your puhunan, you may want to do these in big batches if you wish to earn Php3,000 a week. It's hard work, but doable. (A mom who tried it now earns at least Php7,000 a day! Read her story here.)


    Shipping may initially be an issue, especially if coming and going from between places under ECQ and GCQ, so you may want to first start small—sell within you immediate area with the help of word of mouth and social media. Then you can work on logistics like deciding on better payment methods and courier services. Remember that customer experience is key! Make sure it’s a smooth one so they’ll leave good reviews and even make another purchase from your store. 

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    2. Try freelance writing. 

    There are plenty of writing opportunities online! From captions, transcriptions, articles, to business reports, you will surely find a gig that fits your skill. Write for mainstream publications or do branded content for clients you believe in. There are those that offer Php1,500 for an 800-word article, or even higher! Do just two of those and you have an easy Php3,000.

    Look for writing projects on online freelance platforms like Upwork and Outsourcely or better yet, network your way on Facebook groups exclusive to freelance writers and other creatives. And make sure your portfolio is always ready!


    Negotiating the rate depends on your output. If you’re writing articles, it’s advisable to charge according to the word count requirement. For social media content, you can base your rate on the number of posts. (Want to be a content writer? Read here.)

    3. Offer tutoring services. 

    Having an education degree helps but if you have the patience to teach young ones, you can still consider being an online tutor! Get gigs through referral. If you have friends with kids, offer tutoring services on general school subjects you’re also more inclined to teach. Language subjects like English and Filipino can be a good start!

    Before your video chat session, make sure you have a steady internet connection and also fully-functioning headphones with built-in mic to avoid technical glitches. Use your office skills to make presentations and quizzes that will enhance the online learning experience. For the rates, you can charge around Php200 to Php500 per hour to reach your earning goal!

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    4. Host an online workshop. 

    Want to share your hobby or expertise with others? Set up an online workshop! First, you need to decide what you want to teach. Find out which topics you can confidently talk about. It helps to review your credentials and skill level. Use them to market yourself because you need to convince people to pay for your expertise. You can hold a yoga class, mentor aspiring writers, and even give motivational talks. It’s really up to you! Make your exclusive event happen on video chat apps like Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype.

    If you’re thinking of a one-on-one session, the average amount can be from Php3,000 to Php4,000 but it should vary depending on your class and your experience. You can even exceed your earnings should you decide to accommodate more students and commit to hosting more than one session.

    Tip: If you wish to keep your students in the loop and excited about your next classes, offer them free content and downloadables of lessons they can learn on their own time.


    *These rates are based on those that the writer has surveyed, and may vary without prior notice

    *With additional reporting by Charlene J. Owen

    This story originally appeared on FemaleNetwork.com.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.




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