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  • How to Raise Kids who are Generous

    Give your child early lessons in financial literacy by teaching him to be generous.
    by Justine Camacho-Tajonera .
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    Letting go, making room, and building up others
    Sison-Pascual explains that the concept of generosity can be linked to the Greek term kenosis or “emptying out.” Cleaning and clearing out holds a lot of significance in both the physical and spiritual sense. “When you are generous and don’t cling to material possessions, you allow for grace and good things to come into your life. Letting go of clutter allows us to clear the field so we can plant new seeds and grow a fresh batch of crops.”

    Nicky Templo-Perez, a college professor and mother of two, says that she needs to be very simple and clear when explaining this to her kids. “My eldest is only five years old so I have to relate this concept to suit her age. I tell her that she has to make space for new things in her life, like during birthdays or Christmas. This means that she has to let go of old toys or clothes she no longer uses and she has to share them with others.”

    “I would explain it as needs versus wants,” says Bonifacio-Prado. “I tell my kids that there are things we really spend for, such as food and school supplies. But if it’s a want like toys or more clothes, then we need to make room for something new. That way, they learn to appreciate what they already have.”

    Bo Sanchez, father of two, preacher, and author of 8 Secrets of the Truly Wealthy, insists that material wealth and spiritual wealth go side by side. He explains in his book that most Filipinos are afraid of becoming wealthy because they don’t want to go against their Christian values and be seen as greedy. On the contrary, he says that when someone really wants to build others up and contribute to his community, it makes sense that he is also abundant in terms of material wealth. How can one give if one has nothing to share? Generosity is the clean slate under which wealth and abundance can grow.


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