Keep Your Family’s Future Secure With Just 6 Pesos A Day

Because peace of mind is invaluable.

Today's fast-paced lifestyle has become a normal state—with everyone hurrying to get a job, travel, grow a family, and retire early. As a mom, you know this really well. The moment you open your eyes you don't stop moving because the daily to-do list never ends. And coping (or surviving) with the day-to-day hectic pace of family life makes us overlook or be unprepared for our long-term family goals.

You already have a mental list of your family goals. You just keep filing it away for future reflection or discussion. But stop pushing it aside because you need time to secure your family's future. And, if we're really being honest, insurance is one of the best ways to accomplish all your goals. We know—insurance talks can be a challenge to understand, and it can be intimidating to some. But you'll find a handy guide below to answer your questions on securing that peace of mind.   

Why do you need one?

Insurance basically works as a protection for you and your family. It helps you reach both your short and long term financial goals—whether it's the money you need for the family car, funds for your children's education, you and your husband's medical needs, and retirement. It's best to start setting aside money at your own pace so you won't have to stress out when the time comes that you'll be needing the money for unforeseen life events. 

How does insurance work?

It's easy to get lost when you talk to someone about insurance as there are terms that can be challenging to understand. But to put it simply, whenever unforeseen events occur, such as car accidents, fire, and untimely death, an insurance company uses the money they collected from you to pay your claim. When you decide to get insurance, you sign a policy, which is a legal contract given to the insured along with a list of what is covered and what is not. Don't be afraid to consult insurance agents and financial advisors when you don't understand the terms you see on your policy. 

Aside from insurance, you can save and earn at the same time when you put a part of your money in the investment fund to make the money grow and use the earnings for other purposes. 

How much do you normally spend for an insurance policy?

There are many factors affecting the amount paid for an insurance plan (an amount called the insurance premium), depending on the type of risk covered by the plan. The amazing news is there is a type of life insurance, covering risks associated with acts of terrorism, that you can enjoy without having to break the bank. FWD Life Philippines now offers the FWD Peace Plan, with premiums that amount to PHP 6 a day only for coverage of PHP 1 million per insured. Learn more about it here!

Who is covered when you get insurance?

Ideal for Filipinos and legal Philippine residents 18 years old and above, FWD Peace Plan offers two cover options: Personal Peace, which gives you PHP 1 million coverage for PHP 2,000, and Family Peace, which gives you, your spouse, and all children below 18 years of age PHP 1 million coverage each for PHP 3,000. That's protection anywhere in the world for an entire year! What's best is you can apply and purchase the plan online in minutes without even having to get out of bed.

Planning ahead goes a long way especially now that terrorism has become one of the biggest global concerns. Invest in insurance that will let you live your life free of worry. Visit the FWD Life Philippines website to find out how they can help you achieve peace of mind and how to get ready to live.




This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with FWD Life Philippines.