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  • Mommies Growing Money

    Five moms share their success stories on saving up, investing money, and earning from their own businesses.
    by Jamie Ilao .

    3. Putting Up Your Own Business

     Filipino moms are also well-known for their creativity and flair for originality. It is no wonder then that moms like Matz Ejercito and Coco Cruz have taken the call of becoming mommy entrepreneurs. Matz, mom to Marcus (16), Jill (13) and Jorge (11), is also a proud mom to 4 of her own businesses: a supplier and installer of windows, doors and construction supplies, a laundry shop/full laundromat, a water station and her own line of shoes.  

    “I started the construction business to provide for my family. It’s very easy to earn in this kind of business because of the billing system that we have with our clients. A small project can be done in 3 days, residential projects in 2 weeks,” she shares. “My laundry and water station does not have income as high as my construction business of course, but after the ROI, I use the income from these stations as saving for the kids already. Another plus side would be that my kids will be managing the store this summer as their summer job so they would know how the business works and have a better appreciation for hard earned money,” Matz says. “As for the shoe business, it’s really just my love for shoes that started it. But so far it has been profitable, I have 2 online shops managing it and displays in botiques and bazaars as well.”

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    Coco Cruz, a social entrepreneur and mom to Sining (5) and Diwa (2), decided to maximize and take advantage of their family manufacturing business by creating a brand of laptop bags of Christmas bazaars. “We didn't have a shop or an office (we worked from home since the factory is a few blocks away from where we lived) so investment was very minimal--we just had to raise P25,000 to take care of the down payment of the rental of bazaar spaces. Then had to concentrate heavily on R&D (time and effort) - researching on the latest trends, pricing structures and marketing strategies,” she shares. “We came out with our own designs, it was a good exercise for creativity too! We were lucky because Christmas time is always profitable and bazaars are always a big hit, we were able to earn (net) at least five times of what we invested. Although we didn't put in too much money, all the hard work and time paid off pretty well in the end!”



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