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  • Stay-At-Home Mom Saves Up To P5,000 Monthly With This Easy Money Hack

    You'd be growing your money before you know it!
    by Kitty Elicay .
Stay-At-Home Mom Saves Up To P5,000 Monthly With This Easy Money Hack
  • You might think that saving money when you’re in a single-income household is next to impossible, but with discipline and determination, you can train yourself to become more money-savvy. Besides, you don’t have to set aside a big amount right away — the key is to start small.

    In our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, a stay-at-home mom of three shared the simple money hack or ipon challenge that she follows to grow their family’s savings: she sets aside Php50 bills every time she gets her hands on it.

    She explains, “Lahat ng mahahawakan mong 50 pesos diretso sa alkansiya. Kunwari hindi ‘yon pero kaya ‘di mo pwede ibili.” This is also called the ‘Invisible 50’ or 50-Peso Saving Challenge.

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    “Isa po akong 33-year-old stay-at-home mom with three children ages 13, 8, at 1. Si husband lang po ang may work,” she writes in the Village. “Hindi po siya minimum as butcher. Php370 a day pero may sideline, hindi lang madalas.”

    The mom also shares her monthly expenses: Php3,000 for their rent, Php1,500 for electricity, Php400 for water, and shared WIFI for Php300. Her two oldest children, who are in grade school, attend elementary in a public school. Since she breastfeeds, the bulk of her baby’s expenses go to diapers.

    “Akala ko po dati mahirap ang magkaroon ng ipon,” the mom of three explains. But after she watched a video by Chinkee Tan, a wealth coach and motivational speaker, and then joined a Facebook group related to money-saving, Tin realized she can set aside money even if she’s on a single-income household.

    What other parents are reading

    In her post on the Village, she shares that she was able to set aside Php5,000 in a month after following the ‘Invisible 50’ challenge.

    “Hindi po ako mahilig mangutang. Takot po ako sa utang. Kaya ‘pag may gusto po akong bilhin o gawin, pinag-iipunan ko muna,” the mom shares. “Nagsimula po kami ng asawa kong mag-pamilya sa edad kong 21. Wala kaming trabaho at asa sa magulang. Kaya laging dasal namin, magkatrabaho na siya para magkaroon kami ng sariling desisyon at pera para sa sarili naming pamilya. At sinabi namin ng asawa ko na ‘pag nagtrabaho siya, never na kami mawawalan ng pera.”

    She says that she started the Invisible 50 challenge because she realized how hard it was to not have extra money for emergencies. “Hindi po kami galling sa mayaman na pamilya. Pero masaya po ako dahil ngayon po nabibigay namin ang needs ng mga anak namin,” she shares. “Ipon para sa kinabukasan at para hindi umiikot ang pwet kung saan makakahanap ng mauutangan.”

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    In the comments section, fellow moms said they were inspired by the mom’s story and were motivated to do the same for their families. Others shared that they also save money by setting aside Php20 bills instead. Another mom shares she uses an empty gallon of water as her piggy bank.

    Saving money is always hard in the beginning, so it’s important to find ways that will suit your personality to make it easier to stick to it. Just remember to keep this formula in mind: Income – Savings = Expenses. According to Chinkee Tan, it’s a proven and tested formula for achieving financial freedom. You can do it, mommy!

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