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  • How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Looking For Online Data Entry Jobs

    Online data entry can pay well, but be careful.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Looking For Online Data Entry Jobs
  • Working from home has become part of the new normal brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Good thing there are work opportunities that cater to this type of arrangement, such as the online job of data entry. This freelance work is perfect for those who have limited educational and work experience but have a bit of time on their hands as it typically pays per hour.

    How do you do online data entry?  

    Data entry specialists are tasked to input data through either manual typing or the copy-paste method onto a client’s system. Data may come in the form of contact details from a business card that a client wants to be included in his or her system. It can also come from contents in a PDF file that has to be typed into a Word document file. Or maybe through an audio file, but this task already involves transcription.


    Sometimes, data entry specialists are also asked to do some research work, depending on the client's requirements and specifications. So, if you’re planning to apply for this job, you need to have a computer and know various types of software and applications. It is also important to have a stable internet connection.

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    Are online date entry jobs safe? 

    Just like in other online jobs and freelance work in general, there’s the danger of falling prey to scams and malpractices. But you can avoid it with these tips, as shared by a practitioner in the field who has asked to remain anonymous.

    Do your homework

    Before sending out applications, ask around on how the system works. There are social media groups you can join and learn from other members’ personal experiences. We recommend joining the Facebook group of one of our content partners, Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms). Take note of the questionable companies and individuals called out by the members.  

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    You can also find job postings in the online community. Compare each posting’s requirements, scope of work, and pay offers, so you’ll get an idea how it goes in an online job of data entry.

    Go to reputable job portals

    For serious job hunting, check out the established organizations that publish generally legit listings. (Click here to learn which sites.) Read each job posting carefully. Consider only those that give out specific and detailed job description, including the type of data and verification of accuracy.

    You can also join as a jobseeker in the online job sites. Make sure to put together a profile that will highlight your strengths and willingness to learn, especially if have no experience as a data entry specialist.

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    Avoid job postings asking you to pay

    “You don’t have to pay for anything,” cautions a freelancer who has worked other online jobs aside from data entry. “Remember you’re looking for a job to get paid and not to pay anybody.” 


    Speaking of pay, overseas clients usually offer per hour rates of US$2 (less than Php100) to US$3 and up to US$6. Others give a fixed rate, say US$400 (roughtly Php19,400) for an entire project. There are also companies that hire a full-time data entry specialist with a salary of US$320 (about Php15,500).

    Watch out for job postings telling you to invite friends

    Something is not right if a prospective client asks for referrals as this may be a form of networking ploy or scamming group. You may end up being part of this malpractice, so be very careful. 

    Ask for a contract 

    As a freelancer, a contract serves as an assurance and protection that you will get paid for the work rendered. It is also a proof of commitment on your part to deliver the expected work within the agreed time frame. 

    The online job of data entry may not be as lucrative as more specialized positions, but you may end up earning more if you can get more offers and be able to do a quick turnover.


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