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  • Having These 10 Skills Will Make It Easier For You To Get An Online Job

    The best thing about online jobs is you don’t need a lot of experience to start working!
    by R.M. Mauhay .
Having These 10 Skills Will Make It Easier For You To Get An Online Job
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  • For most parents, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted their perspective. It made them realize that working from home is a great option if you want to earn money for your family while still taking care of their everyday needs.

    Even if you're still unsure about the kind of online work you want to do, you can already start your freelance journey as long as you are equipped with the following: a laptop or desktop computer, a stable Internet connection, and online job skills.

    What are online skills?

    Hunting for a work from home job is pretty much the same when you’re looking for an office-based job. You'd need to have an updated resume, weed out your social media so it looks professional, and study the company you're applying for so you can prepare well-thought questions during the interview.

    However, employers who want to hire remote workers look for key skills that will determine if you are qualified to take the job. These will ensure that you can efficiently and effectively work on your tasks without their supervision.


    If you want to start working from home, here are 10 skills you'd need to have if you want to land an online job.

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    1. Being organized

    Raising a family already needs some kind of organizational skills, so as a parent, you're no stranger to this one.

    Working remotely means your employer won't always be there to see if you're doing your job right, so being organized gives you an advantage. During interviews, emphasize how you manage to stay on top of all your tasks and give examples of projects that successfully coordinated.

    It would also help if you're familiar with project management tools like Asana, Trello, or Monday and collaboration programs like Google Drive or Dropbox, since you'll be relying on these when you work remotely.

    2. Good communication skills

    Working from home doesn’t mean you cut off communication from other people because you only need to accomplish and then submit your work.


    You still need to communicate with your employer, whether it's through email, online messaging, or video meetings, to go through important details connected to the job. Familiarize yourself with various programs like Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype and show willingness to use them.

    You should also be very prompt when getting back to your employer if they have any concerns. Keep your replies clear, concise, and factual — don't just hit send without double-checking what you've written.

    3. Be time-conscious

    Since most remote works are based in foreign countries, you’ll need to be conscious of the time difference between your country and where your employer is currently based.

    When setting meetings or deadlines, make sure to note dates and time zones. Make sure to end meetings on time or ask in advance if they are free to extend the meeting if needed.

    4. Be proactive

    Working from home means you'll be alone without colleagues to turn to should you need any help. So, employers appreciate workers who are independent and self-sufficient.


    Let prospective employers know that you are able to manage on your own very well. Show them that you can work on tasks without the need to be prompted and that you are capable of handling things when unexpected situations arise.

    5. Be tech savvy

    Working from home requires you to have basic and essential tech equipment and software that will enable you to do tasks efficiently. You can also show off any digital skills you have — an online portfolio or converting your resume to PDF format so it can easily be opened.

    6. Self-motivation

    Remote working offers the benefit of being able to work in the comfort of your own home, but it is also very challenging. You'll need to manage your time well and you have to be focused. Working from home can be stressful and it can also be draining because you'll hve little to no social interaction.

    Keeping these in mind, it's important that you show prospective employers that you are a highly self-motivated individual capable of driving one's self to produce great work.


    7. Work-life balance

    Since you won’t be able interacting face-to-face with your team or your employer, it is important that you are still capable of balancing your personal and work life.

    Employers see to it that they hire individuals who have a sense of balance when it comes to working and being able to show their interests outside of work. It is beneficial to them to know that the individual they hired is healthy and living life to the fullest.

    What are top 3 skills employers look for?

    One of the most sought home-based work that doesn’t require that much of an experience is in the line of writing. To get hired faster, you'll also need to possess these key skills:

    1. Good sense of grammar

    One of the basics of writing is a good grasp of grammar so you can provide meaningful and well-constructed sentences and paragraphs (that make sense!) in your article or written output.


    2. Compositional skill

    A good sense of grammar produces well-constructed sentences. But it will also need to have an effect on the reader, which is where compositional skills come in. Storytelling, producing a compelling lecture or blog post, where the sentences flow easily, means you have good compositional skills.

    3. Research skills

    Doing research is essential to be able to write compelling content and provide the details needed and required. With research, you’ll be able to put together all the important information, creating educational and impactful content.


    All these skills are great when you're applying for any position, but they are absolutely crucial if you want to find an online job. Be aware of them and present it to your prospective employers and we're sure you'll be able to get hired faster. Good luck!

    Looking for remote work that does not require a lot of experience? Click here for a list.

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