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Earn P20,000 Monthly With Online Writing Jobs! Where To Start If You Don't Have Experience

Find out how you can make money by writing online.

Moms are often intimidated by homebased jobs thinking that it requires a different skillset or prior online work experience. But with so many jobs available on freelance platforms, it’s just a matter of finding the right position that fits your personality and skills. If you’re a good researcher or have a knack for writing, for example, you can try to find an online job writing and become a content writer.

What is a content writer?

Content writers are responsible for producing engaging content for a brand, business or company’s online platform. They provide different types of write-ups and makes sure that the content brings in readers who con increase website traffic and revenue.

How to start a writing career

If you’ve chosen this niche, you’ll find that clients are always on the lookout for content writers. Kareen Liez Datoy, 34, a mom of two who has been working as a content writer and strategist for nine years, shares her tips on finding online writing jobs and how she was able to start her work from home career.

Good writing and communication skills is a must.

You also need to be creative, versatile, and have good research skills, according to Kareen. Creativity because you’ll need to come up unique articles that can compete with the huge number of content online; versatility to write different types of articles in various niches; and research skills so you can craft a story with factual and reliable information.

You don’t need a college degree.

Most companies don’t require content writers to have a college degree or to have a writing degree so long as you have a solid online writing portfolio. For example, Kareen is a licensed engineer (and she still practices her profession), although she says that writing has been her passion ever since she was a child.

You need to prepare an online writing portfolio.

You’ll need to prove to your prospective clients that you have the skills to take on an online writing job, so it helps to prepare a portfolio beforehand. It will build credibility, establish trust, and show future clients what you’re capable of.

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One of the easiest ways is to start your own blog. You can also reach out to local businesses and find out if they have content writing requirements. In exchange of the free work, you can ask for referrals or testimonials.

Can I earn money by writing stories?

You can earn at least $400 (around Php20,360) to $1,000 (Php51,000) monthly depending on the type of writing job, the number of clients you have, and the length of time you spent working on a project, according to Kareen.

“Let’s just say the range would be from Php5,000 (one project) to six digits (multiple projects) if you charge a premium for the clients,” she says.

Where can I find online writing jobs?

There are a lot of legit freelancing platforms where you can apply for a writing job. Here are some of them.


This is one of the biggest global freelancing websites. One of the advantages is that you are assured that the employer will pay you for completed projects, as long as you transact everything on their platform. However, Upwork will charge a fee for every project payout (think of it as a commission for giving you a job).

Visit to get started.

It is the largest freelancing website in the Philippines. The company prides itself in acting as a mediator between employers and employees if disagreements arise and ensures that the employees are well-protected against scams.

Visit to get started.


This is also an online marketplace for freelance services. You’ll need to sign up (for free), set up your “gig” (in this case, writing) and offer your services to clients.

Visit to get started.

Freelance Writers Philippines

You can find job postings for writing gigs in this Facebook group. You can also advertise or pitch your services for potential clients to see. However, you have to be extra careful and discerning about the jobs you take on to avoid being scammed.

Independent Creative & Advertising Professionals

Another Facebook group for freelance, creative professionals where you can find writing projects and offer your services. Their group strives to provide standard rates for different types of creative projects, so beginner writers such as yourself won’t be taken advantage of.

Want to get started on an online job? Click here for tips on how to make your application stand out!

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